{October 31, 2018}   Love My New Job

I love my new job so far, I don’t think it could get any better. One of the owners was there when I got there he had opened up and everything.

He showed me how to use square our pos system. Where the safe was to drop the money at the end of the night, where finished work was and where to put in coming work. He gave me sheets they made up for me to write down where I call and what they say. He said the desk, file cabinet all this it is all yours do what you have to in order to make your job easy for you. He said make a list of things you need as you think of it or come across things we will get them. He said if you have a different way or better way to do things or figure a way out that is better let us know set it up there no problem. He ask if I like it warmer or cooler told me to ajust the air however. He called me in there later he showing me the radio, he said it hooks with bluetooth to the phone put whatever on.

He would pop in and tell me different things here and there or call me and show me things. He said be needed to go to the store was I alright there to handle things. I was on a good roll working I said it be fine. Why he was gone I set an appointment for today in our county just north of us. I called and ask him first since I knew they didn’t want to go far leave me alone to long. He said yeah it was fine.

In a little while he said well you seem to be fine I am going to go to lunch. Ask if I needee or wanted anything.

While he was out the other owner came in he was telling me different things and asking if he told me about this or that?

I had laid my purse and jacket on the table behind my desk. He said there are hooks in here for your jacket purse and anything like that you need to hang up. I said oh okay. He said you know what I’m just going to put you some hooks in there somewhere to hang your stuff on. I don’t if you want your purse and things like that, that far away from you. I said no, don’t worry about that in there is fine. I said it’s not that far away and there isn’t anything I am really worried about in it anyway. There isn’t anyone here going to mess with it. He said are you sure? I told him yes.

It is in the back of the shop customers can’t get to it they are not allowed back that way because of all the knives, blades, tools and things to sharpen them. I don’t think I have to worry about either of them or his dad messing with it. They are federal police for goodness sakes.

He came in and sat down for a bit and I was making phone calls trying to get appointments lined up for Thursday.

I googled salons in that area then went to trip planner used our first stop as my starting point then was able to load 25 other salons in. From there I let it plan the trip so that it would put them from closes to furthest away. Just went down the list it made and called them.

I had a lady say yes she wanted them to stop by why they were in the area that she had 3 people needing services. I look to see what time they should be leaving their stop and the travel time. I told her we could be to her around X time on that day.

I hung up the owner said did you just tell her what time we would be there? I said yes was I not supposed to? I explained to him I went down the travel list or what. He said no that is great, so and so never done that. She would ask them what time they wanted. I said but if I do that it messes everything up. He said no your right if they don’t have a problem with the time you offer that is great and works perfect.

Later the other owner came in and they were talking. I called them over to the computer to show them how the day lined up and that I only had 2 more added for that day the times I allowed for each stop and travel time and ask if they wanted me to set anymore. They said no that worked good. The one told the other she just tells them we have you for this time or that and puts it in they take it. He was like really thats great. I had shown him how I was mapping everything out and things. He like I am loving this I don’t have to worry about anything everything is working out really good so far.

I am glad they are happy, I messed up a few things but I went back and fixed it right away customers where okay and didn’t get mad. I had told her the first time we were talking I was new it was my first day I had just started. She was really nice about it and it taking a little longer.

The other mess ups were my personal with things I was doing and trying to figure out the best way to do things. I don’t even think they knew or would of cared. I have to work on Friday and Monday tomorrow.

I have been making list of things I need to talk to them about tomorrow.

The one that open with me this morning said what did you think when a sharpening shop contacted you?

I said I really did not think anything of it. I said I have done a little bit of everything. I said I did bailbonds for 3.5 yrs, worked in a transmission shop for a year filing and cleaning. I said so yeah working in different not your everyday kind of places. He said oh yeah and that’s good.

I do like working places like that. The bailbonds was great it was all family I was the only one that wasn’t they ever had. My two bosses the owners there were guys. At the shop I know them they are like my family. This has been a family ran place and now the mom is sick and can’t anymore. I met the dad today really nice probably in their 60’s maybe 70’s. So now they are needing the help. It is nice working for places like that because they treat you like a person and they appreciate you and what you do.

I like that I pretty much work on my own not dealing with a bunch of other employees. Honesty having guys for bosses to me is easier than a women. Its probably horrible to say but it is true. Most everywhere I have worked I had guy bosses. I think maybe too because I just get along with guys easier.

I think after I get settled in, things arranged, running smooth and we all get to know eachother better about asking them if I can learn the rest of what they do as well. Its the two owners and the dad. But the mom is really sick lots of doctor’s visits and things. The dad is going to have to go with her and things, plus he is pretty elderly himself. It could be of benefit to them to teach me that part as well in the long run. I am sure it takes a while to learn it but it would be good I am already there if someone drops something I could just do it and they wouldn’t have a ton to do or the dad wouldn’t have to worry about coming in if he didn’t want to or couldn’t. Something to think about.

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