{December 29, 2018}   Everythings Gone

Thursday after the one owner came back and then left Bff called me crying. I couldn’t even tell at first what she was saying. Finally I could understand her, she was saying it’s all gone, it’s all gone. I had no idea what she was talking about she said everything. The car I was driving, my truck, his car he was driving, his truck, his shop, tools, everything is gone.

Background first…..She has a suv she is buying from where I am now working. Her husband my old boss from the transmission shop moved from where we were to a new one over the Summer. You probably remeber that is when He no longer needed me. Well since he got hooked up with the guy that owns the car lot that wanted me to work for nothing. The last month he has decided to move his shop to the bays at the car lot. And he has gotten cars off the lot and is driving them. One for him one for bff. The guy had a tow truck he let him use. He says gave him don’t believe. They are supposed to be partner’s now she gets her car free and clear she was told.

Well I guess her hubby pissed the car lot guy off. He says old boss ripped people he knew off said he did work and didn’t. Well one of old bosses guys quite right before Christmas and another since. Yesterday one was missing. A scanner was missing as well, has been for a few days I guess.

Well bff’s truck was up for repo because he hasn’t paid on it since last month. It was behind then and not caught up.

Well Wednesday night in the night the car lot guy had the cars they had from the lot picked up, the tow truck picked up and they took her fence apart and took her truck she is buying from where I work. I guess there are tools missing from the shop as well. The guy who left before Christmas took over the shop at the car lot went in told him to get off the property not to come back. Make an appointment to come get anything he had left there.

They are all saying he has and is ripping people off and that he has a pill problem. There are like 5 or more people off the top of my head that are telling her he has a problem. She says she hasn’t seen proof and things. I keep telling her people everywhere he goes dont just say this about him. You don’t just make all this money not pay your bills and have nothing at all now to show for it not even a car to drive. She is in denial she says she isn’t but she is and she is depressed. Anyone would be but she has to stop and get up do something because things are going to get worse. I was told that afternoon there was more to come. She was too from people very close to the source. She needs to do something and get her and her kids out of it now. I told her I am worried that her and the kids are going to get hurt. Like I told her look at all they did out there the other night and she had no clue they were there sat and watched tv why they did it or slept. They could be in her house or do anything before she knew they were there. Then what?

All she says is I know or I don’t know. I been over there a few times the propane tanks have been messed with and turned on outside. I keep telling her he needs to lock those up and put them away and that isn’t just happening by accident when they haven’t been using them not been home and things. I forgot about it until last night I am going to bring it up to her today when I talk to her.

Like I told her it was bad enough that he was doing them but at least he was functioning and paying bills and doing things right. He has hit an all new level at this point. He isn’t functioning, he isn’t paying bills, he is ripping people off or basically stealing from them when it comes down to it.

Like I told her he is no different than these that go into peoples houses and steal their stuff. Only difference is he has found a “better” way to do it. He gets them to come to him then collects money and leaves their car sit forever dont work on it or says he is buying new parts and puts old ones from whereever he can in it so he has more money in his pocket.

He is still telling her that everything is fine he didn’t do anything it’s everyone else. He isn’t worried. But then the night all this happen he was up half the night stressing about it.

I said what is he stressing about if he hasn’t done anything? She said I don’t know.

She went and talk to the kid she took in a year or two ago who calls them mom and dad and that was supposed to be getting part of the shop. He was the one that no one knew where he was. He turned his phone off and disappeared the day all this went down. Come to findout he had the scanner everyone was worried about. He had signed on it with her hubby and he was I guess worried about having to pay for it if something happen to it. So he went and took it home it had been left in the old shop.

But he told her he is doing all this too he is going to the other shop or somewhere else to work.

I told her she can not be mad at him. He is one that has been telling her things here and there over the last year since he went to the shop and started working. Him and the guy that left and decided to open his shop back up. I said he has his past he is overcoming still. He has his gf now and a brand new baby to look out for and take care of. He can’t keep being around this day in and day out and not slip up and fall back into it. I said he has to much to lose. He is trying to get his little boy back he can’t be around all this. If something goes down he is going too just because of his past and being there. He had a drug problem and just got off probation in October. He has been clean for around a year give or take. Because I know he had a slip up back right before he moved it with them so maybe its more like two years now. Im not sure but I know he has been doing good and passing his test so he needs to get himself away from it all. I do not think he had any idea how bad things were or how bad he was when he went to work for him. Now he seen and he says he is over it. Its wrong and he isn’t being a part of it.

She says she isn’t mad at him, that I am right she knows. But then turns around later and says you know everyone wants to nit pick and look at everything. If one person gets mad puts you on blast everyone jumps on board. All the shops have problems with people not paying and complaining and not happy.

I said that is what he says, I said yes the others will have a problem customer and they screw things up once in a while. But not 3 out of every 5 and not all the time and not like he has. I said there are to many and to much happens up there him fighting with people. I said I know a lot of guys that work in a lot of these shops or have and they do not have near as many issues as he has had. She don’t say anything. I said and okay it is just problem customer’s he did nothing wrong they all just want something for free or whatever. That takes care of that there is no problem he isn’t ripping people off they are all lying. We have explained that.

Explain this to me, why does he have no money ever? Why is all the bills behind and going off all the time? Why is rent a month or two behind all the time? Your truck?

He makes anywhere from $5000 a month or more. You could pay your rent up for a year and have some left in one month. You make more than enough to pay all your bills and your car payments and still have some left. But nothing is paid. Nothing is paid at the shop not even the parts stores where he has to get the parts most the time. And according to you all he makes over $5000 in a month most months. So where is the money? Why is nothing paid? I don’t know it makes no since to me either all she says. He don’t tell me anything. I said of course not.

I seen him taking shit when I first started working for him and told her. Just like he would hide from all these people who came to the shop all the time. Always some reason. One day he couldn’t get out of the office to hide because the guy was right there outside the door. He got on his hands and knees and hid under his desk until he left. What the hell was that about? You don’t do that just because someone “talks to much” and you can’t get away from them like he said. Now I wonder what would of happen that day had he seen him. What I could of been sitting in the middle of and had no clue about anything. I thought the pills he was taking at first were his. I had not been around in so long I had no reason to think any different. Then I started noticing things seeing things and people started talking. Everything started adding up.

{December 28, 2018}   To Late for Hospice Care

Yesterday we got back to work after having the last 4 days off. In a little bit Pop came in and started working. In a few minutes he came in and sat down. We talked about Christmas. He said they didn’t really have one no one was really into it. With all that is going on it was understandable.

He then said his wife had gotten worse the last 4 days or so really quickly. That he was going to have to call for a nurse to come in and help. He said he was going to need 24 hour care for her because he couldn’t lift her and do the things she needed by himself it took two people and his kids couldn’t be there all the time and it was a lot for them as well.

I told him that was okay and it is a lot and demanding when you are caring for someone like that. How even with 3 or 4 of us we called someone because as much as you want to do it all you just can’t. He seem like he felt bad he couldn’t do it all. Or like he needed to hear it was okay.

Then he told me that the nurse said they were going to call in hospice for her they would be out today to set it all up. I told him they have a few things that could help him in way of someone to help and sit with her depending on different things.

Today Little Bitty had a dentist appointment at 1. Being I don’t go to work until 10 and would need to leave at 12 to get her and get there I took her with me so we could leave later. We were sitting there and right after we got there Pop’s son came in and talk to us for a bit. He was waiting for the other owner so they could go out. He talk to Little Bitty and played with her and her toy a bit. Then he got a text and said they were going so he must of gotten there. In about 20 or 30 minutes the other owner came walking back in. I seen him on camera walking up to the door and said oh Pop is coming in you can meet him. Then I noticed it was the other owner but he was alone.

He came in and sat down with us. He talk to Little Bitty for a minute. Then he said they had stopped by Pop’s house and his son stayed there. He said hospice was there and she was not doing good at all and he didn’t think it would be long. He said he was waiting for one of the other fill in guys to get there to go out with him. He said needless to say no one is probably going to be here to cover for you. He said just lock up and I will open when ever I get back in. I told him I was going to drop her off and come back I thought it should only take an hour or so. He said okay just let him know when I made it back.

The fill in guy came and they left. They had already pulled out I thought about next week. I was making a list of places to start calling. I called him and ask how I should handle next week? He said go ahead as normal and we hung up.

I had to get a list of groomers together for the area I was calling because all I had was salons. And I have ran through them a lot. I had a girl call in ask about dropping some blades and shears off. It was around 11:30 because I looked and told her we would be closing for a bit in about 45 minutes. She said she was on her way. She got there around 11:50 or so I got a call as soon as she came in. It was the owner that was out on calls. He ask if I had made calls I told him a few but only had the one. He said okay because she had passed and he wasn’t sure when they would do her service or how things were going to go.

My phone is off I haven’t been able to text Pops and I don’t want to call. I figure the last thing he wants to do is talk to a bunch of people. The owner came in today to pay me, he said he didn’t think they would be back in time to. You could tell he was upset and crying. I didn’t know what to say to him, I just told him I was sorry about his mom.

Yesterday was just a blah day all around, but that’s another post.

{December 27, 2018}   Gingerbread Houses

Last Thursday morning I woke up to a text from Sleeping Beauty, He had text me at like 6 am I woke up at 7 and by 7:30 when I had not answered he had found me on messenger added me and sent me a message on there. I was running late getting the kids up and ready for school so I did not reply. I also thought about ignoring him for a while and was trying to decide. I just wasn’t in the mood with fighting with kids and everything I figured he could wait.

I messaged him on the way back from walking from the school. He asked what I was doing I said walking home, so he asked about the truck we talked about that a little. I told him I had just walked the kids to school and was on my way home. But told him I needed breaks on it, he said something about why I hadn’t put any on it? I told him I didn’t have anyone to put them on they wanted $350 at the shop to do it I didn’t have that. He said if and when you get them I will put them on for you.

Then the next message I got was tell the kids I wish I was there to do the gingerbread houses. I told him they had been talking about doing them too. And all the outside lights and things. He said it was to late now for the lights. I said I knew.

Later that day or the next we were talking and I sent him a picture of him and Little Bitty from when we went to the beach one evening last year when he was there. He laughed or something. I said what? He said I was just thinking about that the other day. I said yeah it popped up when I was looking for something.

He asked if my mom was still staying with me? I told him unfortunately yes. He said maybe if he got paid Friday he would get dropped off Saturday and do the gingerbread houses with the kids. He pick a kit up. I told him okay and to let me know.

He ended up having family come up Saturday to do somethings with so he didn’t. That was okay because as much as the kids would of loved it and I would of like to see him it just wasn’t a good idea with my mom there.

I talked to him a little Saturday but haven’t heard from him since. Mr. Auto said tonight that someone told him his daughter is in town. I don’t know that I believe that because he was trying to find a ride to see her because her boyfriend was in an accident and in a coma he told me last week. When we were talking and talking about the breaks and things.

But maybe she is that be good I know he would be happy to see her. When we were talking before he was telling me she was supposed to come down to see him and didn’t. She called the last minute and wanted money he didn’t have and got mad. I could tell he was hurt by it and her not coming. I really do not know all that went on with his ex’s he told me here and there back when we first started talking but I do not remember all of the details. But I know without a doubt his kids and not being there is his biggest thing he beats hisself up over and has the hardest time ever with out of all he has done or been through. He truely cares and loves them. I hope one day they see that and really give him a chance before it is to late.

It isn’t just his kids, he loves kids and is so good with them. Bff’s little boy would come to the shop and hang out, he would take him and let him watch what he was doing and explain things to him. He stop whatever he was doing to help him with something if he needed it or just to talk and play around a bit with him. When he was here with mine he take time to talk with them about things they were interested in or their day or to do things with them. He tell them come on and tell me lets go, lets get them out of the house or tell them lets do this or that give your mom a break. He tell me go out with a friend go do something for a bit. I come home they would be laughing and talking. Or they would be in bed him and older one or two would be up talking or watching movies.

I told him oldest got her boaters licenses and passed her hunting safety course he was surprised. I told him she wanted to go fishing he said he had to find his stuff get it together.

I just don’t know he is a really decent guy, he just lets so much get to him. He like me handles so much then breaks. But when he breaks he lets the worse get the best of him and turns to the wrong things.

{December 26, 2018}   Re:Disappointed Kids

Christmas went will, the kids were thrilled with their gifts. Little Bitty was excited I bought a wreath for the door. She had been wanting one and I wanted to make one with her but was so busy time slipped away. So Christmas eve night while we were out I found a nice one at a decent price and picked it up. She seen it as soon as she came down the hall into the livingroom and was so happy.

After that they opened the gifts that they got for eachother and them the ones I got for them from all of us. Number 2 open his drone before number 3. Normally I have them open them together if they are getting the samethings but I didn’t. He said to number 3, hey look I got a drone like you wanted!!! I just snickered and went on. In a little bit I gave numver 3 his drone to open. He loved it.

Little Bitty of course loved her hatimal she been asking for it, so I knew she would. She liked the pony hair thing as well. She said she liked it better than the head one. I told her we could trade it for the head if she wanted it she said no.

Oldest open her book but didn’t flip through it. We had just about finished opening things and something was said about what everyone got. She said she was happy she got 3 things she had asked for. I said 3 didn’t you get something else? She said no. I ask if she open the book she said yes. I said what was in it? She said it’s just a book about….started telling me what it was for. I said no look in the book, didn’t you find something marking one of the pages? She said no I didn’t look through it. She got it back out and looked through it and found the minecraft card to get ger own. She seemed a little happier then.

The number 1 and 3 got me perfume and a ring with a crown on it. Number 3 made me an ornament of a gingerbread man with his face on it.

Number 2 and number 4 got me my pj’s that matched theirs. I wanted them but couldn’t really do it. I knew the kids would think it was neat if mine matched theirs. I picked them up and told them I seen something I really wanted and got it from them if that was okay. If not I would take them shopping. Number 2 was okay with that because he didn’t feel good and didn’t want to do the shopping he did do. Number 5 was too because she had gotten me something with her school money and because what I got went with what she was getting.

They get school money for being good a d doing good things and then can buy stuff with it at school. She couldn’t wait for me to open what she got. She kept telling me it was to have when I think of her at work. I don’t know why she thought of that. I thought it was going to be a picture or something to put on my desk in my office. I opened it and was surprised at what it was but loved it. It was a stuffed dog

She was so proud of it. She said I could snuggle it when she isn’t there and I miss her.

I grabbed some things for stockings this year as well. While I was at Wal Greens I found this little remote about the size of your hand it has about two dozen different sound effects. I started to get it for number 2 and right away decided to give it to number 3 instead. He carried that thing around and played with it all day and took it to my sisters with him when we went. When oldest called me today I could hear him playing with it then. Who knew a $2.50 little thing would entertain him so.

And there you have it. The horrible mom who is going to disappoint her kids update. I thought you all would like to know how disappointed they really were.


{December 25, 2018}   Disapointed Kids

I am so aggervated and I know I shouldn’t be, that I need to consider the source. I am and I am more aggervated over the source and it running its mouth than what it is saying.

I told you the mess I went through trying to get the kids things for Christmas and everything. Well first it was I can’t believe you got them that they don’t need it amd this other one I should of gotten them. But they don’t need a game because that is all they do. Well I work 10 to 11 hour days out of the house about 12, 3 days a week the two I am off by 5 I am still not in until 5:30 if I don’t have to do anything after work. If I have anything to do like going to the store for her or what I am not home until 7 maybe 6:30. But later most the time. It is dark at 6 and littles go to bed at 7/7:30 and 8:30/9. We have no time to get out and do things or go outside. Sundays we will go to the park or something or be lazy.

If she is not there the kids do go out and play even if I am not home. Her being the way she is they don’t bother to. She have a fit they don’t need to be out their alone and what they could or couldn’t do and everything. They don’t want to put up with her and I can’t be fighting with her from work over the phone. So they watch tv play games on the computer or tv.

Now I find the other things that I want and decide to do something different it’s how cheap I am and how disappointed my kids are going to be and she can’t believe that is all I am going to give them. How if everyone else don’t give them something they are getting nothing.

My kids are use to getting 3 to 5 gifts each. They get a new pair of pj’s and an ornament to go with that. So it works out to 5 to 7 things each. Normally their pj’s and ornaments I put in their stocking and give them the night before. So there isn’t stalkings for say. There are they just don’t have a bunch of tiny thing in them or candy. I was not going to do ornaments or pj’s this year at all with buying the thing for all 4 of them trying not to spend even more money knowing I still had to pay the other off. Then I decided to go ahead and do PJ’s but knew I may have to return them depending how things played out. Little Bitty has been all about stockings so I picked up a few little games and coloring pages at the $1 place to make a little stocking and I will put a little candy in it. I also picked up card game or small game for each kid that will fit in them. They were like $5 each. So they are going to get those too.

I have a drone for both boys, oldest did not want one. I also have two smaller remote control cars for the boys. They are both getting an action figure they wanted.

I got oldest Minecraft for the computer she has been asking for. It was with in a few dollar’s of costing the same as the drones. I also got her a small 3D puzzle she has been wanting. I asked her if she would like one of the big ones or middle size ones she said no. She wants to start out with the smaller ones first try them. Then I got her a book she told my mom she wanted and she said she was going to get and then didn’t. The book gose with the game I got her so she can learn to do different things. i also got her a cup with candy in it she wanted.

Little Bitty got the hatchamal she wants, a doll and a my little pony styling head.

I feel they are getting things they want then it don’t matter. She take the $50 and find one big thing or bunch of little stuff that no one really wants or going to use. Just look like she got something great or she spent all this money. I rather have things they are going to use or asked for.

So all I have heard is how upset and disappointed “your” kids are going to be. Then told today how they are going to never know what a real Christmas is as long as they are with me. Because I didn’t buy a ton of candy, cookies and junk. I hadn’t even gotten to that yet and we don’t buy a ton of it. They have been baking cookies and cakes for weeks and eating. I was going to pick up a few things. I worked 11 hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday then 10 Saturday. I had to wait for my check Friday and Monday to shop or finish shopping. Then I had the mess trying to figure it all out. I haven’t had time to bake and do all that.

I was already thinking about getting stuff to make fudge and cookies and doing next weekend. I have Sunday-Tuesday off and don’t have to worry about shopping, or anything like that. We can just relaxe and take our time.




{December 24, 2018}   Christmas Rollercoaster

Not working 2 jobs for almost 2 months really made things tighter than they already were this month. Trying to figureout gifts and jugle money to pay things too has been a bit stressfull.

I seen things I wanted for 2 or 3 of the older kids but it was sold out when I went back. Not that I had the money yet but was there and checked. But they had something else so I was okay with it because they would surely hove that when I came back they were nice too. So we went from drones to helicopters. Well when I made my way back they were sold out of them too.

That is when I went into panick mode and was trying to get stuff before it sold out too. I went to another store and bought other helicopters. They weren’t as nice but still nice and about the same money. Then I was looking at what I got Little Bitty and felt I needed a nicer “big” gift. I decided I would get the hatamalle. They were in the price range I spent on the other kids big gift. I was looking online the only ones were north of me. Between me and Sleeping Baeuty. They only had 5 and I just got to work, it was like 10. I would not be off until 7. I called bff she wasn’t out and about was busy. I said let me try someone else. I messaged Sleeping Baeuty ask if he was out or close to the store going there. Thinking he might be shopping with his mom they could pick it up I could get it after work. He wasn’t able to at the moment. I called my sister ask her to buy it for store pick up and I would bring her the money. So she did.

Later I talk to Bff she said they got a ps4 for $325 at the rental place. It was just me and Mr. Auto working so I ask him if I could run up there a second. He said that was fine. It was still day light and people coming here and there so I felt it was safe to run there for a minute and leave him. We are supposed to have 2 or more there at all times. He told me if I needed to run home or something it was alright. He knows I have the kids and home isn’t that far either.

I got them a PS4. They said pick it up Monday it would be reset and wrapped. I went and bought 3 of the kids games and an extra control. By that point I was already $200 into it and still had $250 to pay on it and another game to buy.

Sunday me Little Guy and Oldest went shopping. I needed to take back the stuff I had gotten and get the last game. Little Guy had to do his shopping for the other kids too.

We ended up at the mall so I could pick up their ornaments and I was going to look for a game. Well we walked in the one store to see if they had something and there sat what I wanted to get to start with. I took the kids home picked up Big boy to do his shopping and raced back to the game store in the mall and then over and bought them. Not even knowing if I was going to get the money back from the other today or not. But knew I had to make it work some how and hope they gave me my money back.

I went there a little bit ago and thank god they understand and they gave me my money back. I had not signed taking the stuff so I figured I could still get it back but wasn’t sure.

{December 21, 2018}   Fat Ass

I have no idea where fatass came from because it just isn’t a word I use. Fat anything is not something I say ever hardly. So I am still very confused. But this is what happen anyway.

One night last week Mr. To Broken called me he talked to me pretty normal for a bit. Then he started on the other night when me him and Bff were talking and I went off on him and tore him a new one as he put it. I have no idea what he is talking about because the three of us have not been on the phone at the same time ever I don’t think, unless me and her are together and he calls one of us but we haven’t done that in months.

I was like what are you talking about? You got mad and went off on me about everything up one side and down the other. I don’t know what I did to make you made but you just started going off. You called me a fat ass. I said I don’t know who you are talking about but it wasn’t me. I have not went off on you at all and if I did calling you a fat ass would be the least of the things you would be worried about that I said and I never say fat ass or use the word fat hardly ever. If I do it isn’t calling someone that. I am big about not calling people names and calling out their size and things even if I am pissed off at them. Calling names is a huge pet peeve of mine. He went on and on about how I did and he hung up but heard me say it before he hung up.

I told bff about it and she is like what is he talking about? I told her the same I have no clue she would have to know about it too because she was supposed to of been on the phone when it all happen and was said and we were laughing about it together. But he wasn’t mad at her just me for saying it and us laughing.

A few days later he called and I was with her and he was going on and on about this and saying all this. I said look I would not say anything behind your back I wouldn’t say to your face and if I had said it and you came to me and asked me I would say yeah I said it now what? But I am not going to say sorry for saying or doing something I did not do. Later he messaged bff and she ask him what was going on and what he was talking about and told him she had no idea what he was talking about either she wasn’t on the phone with us. He started about how we were both there and all this. She told him that isn’t even something she would say and if she said something should tell you she don’t care. You don’t need to be in the middle of it, it has nothing to do with you don’t worry about it he tells her. She like but you say I heard it and I didn’t. He said I am not talking about it with you. I know she said it I hear her in my sleep yelling at me and saying it all the time and can’t get over it. I said you say there are two or three people that have went off on you one of them was the one that said it not me and I didn’t say anything. You need to really think about who you were talking to. It was you and I am really mad at you blah blah. I said oh well I know I did not say it or go off on you so I don’t know what you want me to say or what your looking for. He got mad I wouldn’t say sorry stroke his ego I guess. Then later he was talking to bff she said maybe you dreamed it you said something about in your sleep.

Then he sends me this message he is sorry just been so stressed. Saying sorry but not really. Again trying get me to say i did it. I never even opened it. Like the next day he blocked me.

Like I told bff I don’t care that is fine with me. I told them both that night i was not going to be done that way i was not speaking to him no more. I am not going to be acquiesced of saying things I didn’t say and told I done all this and him telling people this that isn’t true. She said just tell him it’s okay and blah blah because he is the way he is and what he may do as much as he says this is bothering him. I said nope not doing it he is going to do whatever he is going to do rather I say okay or what because no matter what he still feels I said this and is mad about it. I don’t care what he does I really don’t think he is going to do anything anyway he would have to get up and leave the house and he isn’t going to do that.

{December 18, 2018}   End of My First Week

My 3rd night at my new job. It was slow too, not as slow as the other two but slow. We did get a few payments so I was able to do them and watch them. I closed with Mr. Auto tonight. That was interesting.

10 or 20 minutes before time to leave a girl came in. She wanted to buy a suv. He told her to come back tomorrow. He said he wants me to take care of her and he will walk me through it and help me. She is supposed to be in when we open. Not sure how we make money on sales like hers. Because we get so much of the down payment. But they are doing a $0 down, just pay tax, tag and title deal. So wonder how or what kind of money we make from that? I am going to ask when I get there.

So the girl from Friday night never came in Saturday. I forgot to ask about pay but I will at some. Me and Mr. Auto closed again. Everyone else left around 2 or 3. I think most came in to move all the cars to the back of the lot as they were redoing the parking lot Sunday.

The owner called me in and ask if I had any cash payments about 4 when he was getting ready to leave. He told me to sit down and help him he needed to batch out and fix the reports. He ask how I was doing? How I liked it and things. He said everyone loves you and thinks you fit in well or will fit in well. He said they were like she taking payments on her own she knows what she is doing already. She just does it. He said I told them well yeah she isn’t dumb she is pretty intelligent. His son had been talking to me earlier and ask about taking payments and how I felt about doing them on my own? I said fine I had already taken a few on my own I didn’t have a problem doing it. He like man you not even had 8 hours training on it and you have it. That’s great.

But I guess another guy was there for 6 months or more and still messed it up all the time. But it really isn’t hard. But if he wasn’t use to or didn’t know how to use the computer it’s self then maybe. But still I would think after 6 months. Its just fill in the blank kind of thing.

I do have issues when breaking the over all payment down over all the little things. You put them all in subtract them in your head from the main payment. Then the main payment is put in as what is left. I tend to goof it up. I always catch it fix it because i know i put the wrong number as soon as i do it. I put 195 instead of 95. Because of the way I do the math in my head. I just have to remember to put it down the other way.

It really does seem like a good place to work nice people, a little family or close group of friends. Its mostly guys, there is me and the other lady there. There is another older lady but she only works a few mornings a week I don’t see or work with her. Then there is the lady in the service department that runs that. She is out in the back and we aren’t there together much. Maybe Saturdays but we stay in our areas for the most part don’t see eachother. Its like watching a bunch of little boys talking and playing for the most part we are so slow they are just wondering around lookingbfor stuff to do or get into. Always on each other about something.

Over all a decent fun place to work. And Hopfully they are right and between like Feb and May I will make the money they say I will make. If I make the money they say I can or will I am paying my car insurance up for the year in one shot. Then I am paying myrent up as far as I can. If I can’t pay more then I will sit it aside at the house and pay it again each month that I can. From there I am going to work on getting another truck and things for the house. Then I want to get the kids some stuff they need and want.

{December 14, 2018}   2 Days In and It’s Dead

I started my 2nd job at the car lot last night and it was dead. One or two calls that is about it. The one guy that works there had a friend come in to look at a car. He said he was going to come back this morning to buy it. That was it.

I worked with the owners son last night. He was the main one staring me down that 2nd day I went back to talk to them. I got there last night he told me we were going to be closing together and he would show me things. I thought oh boy this should be a great night.

But he ended up being pretty nice. He showed me a few things and said the other lady there would show me better tonight when I came in. We talked off and on through the night. He pretty decent.

Tonight I got there and I seen the owner in the other guys office. I walked back there. I said am I supposed to clock in or anything? He said you just did your good. I said okay. Last week he had me write down a number but it hadn’t come back up. Last night when we were locking up he ask if I had a code for the alarm? I said no. Then I thought I said I gave him a number last week that is probably what it is for. So when I asked about clocking in I ask if that was what the number was for he said yes. But that I didn’t have a key so. I said I know not worried about it. Was just asked I thought of that wanted to make sure I don’t forget if it is.

They told me I would be working with the other guy that was out there last week with the owners son. He would show me more if anything happen tonight. It was slow again. He called him in introduced us and told us the other girl would work with us. I guess he is new at the selling part too so she was there to help. I am not really sure. We talked a little but part of the night she sat and showed me how to put payments and things in. Then the guy from last night came back and the owner told me and the guy to work it together and we would split what was made. He would take care of the other guy because he was supposed to translate for us. They say they don’t speak english. But the guy did he was helping his son in law buy the car. We spent a while with them and they ended up not buying it. He said it was to much over all the interest rate was to high. He had good credit and all this. But he did not want to have his credit checked or anything like that. He was not willing to give his social or anything. He kept saying his credit was good we act like it isn’t and aren’t giving him a fair deal.

I looked at him and said but you are not using your credit. You do not want this to be tied to your credit in anyway. So we are not using it we can’t assume anything without proof you just doing buy here pay here. He looked at it told son in law no it is to much and they left. I knew he wasn’t going to take it to start with. He was mad they wouldn’t haggle price with him bring price down. But he wasn’t giving us the full down payment even. Some now some in 6 weeks. They didn’t want to give their number wanted the kid who is 17 to sign for it all instead of him. It was all a shady mess from the time they walked in.

But the time of the year that it is I know it is going to be dead the next few weeks. Until after the new year. Like they said. I just want to get it all over with. I want to be able to walk through it all with someone and know what I am doing so I can be on my own and not have someone over my shoulder all the time. I just want to fall into a routine and not be “new” anymore. Like my job now I know how everything works and on my own Ibdon’t have a someone holding my hand watching every move and questioning everything. They really aren’t it is just that feel like your being watched. The guy I was closing with Thursday night said man I hated asking the boss questions when I started be would yell at me and everything. I never wanted to ask him stuff but I had to. I guess he thought about what he was saying he said but he won’t do you that way. He be nice to you. I just grinned. I tell him same thing I tell anyone else, I am not going to be treated that way talk to like that. You don’t have enough money to pay me if you wanted to. I don’t care.

After walking through payments I think I can handle them on my own. We were halfway through putting a mock deal in amd it was time to go home. But it is pretty much fill in the box and your just taking information from the forms they are giving you. So I think I will be okay. I have to see how we work getting the tags, temp tags, insurance and things like that. I close with Mr. Auto tonight so I figure he will show me more maybe I don’t know. He has not said a lot to me the last few nights. I go in get my stuff then

The guy I worked with tonight I know from somewhere. I had been trying to figure it out since I seen him the other day. I never said anything. Later tonight after the people left he came over and said I know you and I can’t figureout from where. I laughed, I said I have been trying to figure out the samething. We talked a little never could figure out where from. It is going to drive me crazy until one of us figures it out. Normally it wouldn’t but it is like I should really know who this is and from where and have no idea. The fact niether of us have common names and the name don’t seem femilure to me. It does but it don’t. But his face and voice seems like someone I have known or been around at least offten even if I didn’t get to know him at the time. I knew of him. If that makes since.

Writing this I am wondering if he maybe worked with my dad or ex or if I know one of his ex. I was thinking maybe my step dads family too. Just can’t figure it out.


{December 11, 2018}   Have You Ever

So the guy who wanted to buy my truck and who told me about the job will be called Mr. Auto from now on.

My Thursday, drive to work conversation.

Mr. Auto, called while I was taking the kids to school and I didn’t notice. I called back later but then Little Man stayed home sick he started talking to me. He said get ready for work and talk to your boy. Call me in a bit when you can talk.

I finished what I had to do and got out of the house and called him back. I wanted to see if it was about the job or just him wanting to talk. It was just him talking. He didn’t say a lot of anything for a bit just this and that.

He said something again about me not answering when he called before and things. He said I pass your house I started to stop by but I didn’t know who might answer. Then I thought Sleeping beauty had moved back in. I didn’t want to make him mad. He got mad before about some girl he knew he thought I was to friendly with.

I said why would you think he moved back in? And even if he did he don’t tell me who I can or can’t talk to and something about not being together.

He said I don’t know you all living or lived in the same house & sleeping in the same bed together. That’s more than roommates.

I said wait a minute, I don’t know what you have been told by who. But we are not together now or have we ever been anything more than friends. I needed to rent my extra room he needed a place to stay we help eachother out. I said had it been anything more between us he would of never moved in or stayed the night in my house.

He said what do you mean?

I said I have 4 kids at home 24/7. I do not ever bring guys I am talking to, to my house. I do not let guys meet my kids. My kids do not even know if I go on a date or if I am talking to a guy. I said I would have to be in a relationship 4 to 6 months before I even thought about telling my kids and letting them meet. Then it would be a long time down the road before I would think about living together. I said so no he would of never been to my house muchless living there. So if you heard different whoever said it lied and I will tell you right infront of them they lied, I don’t care.

He said something about him and why it never was more or what.

I said he makes comments it comes up but that is as far as it ever goes. Then I don’t hear from him again for weeks or months. I said I am not wasting my time or waiting around for him or anyone.

He said can I get personal a minute ask you something? I said yeah what? Thinking how much more personal do you want to get?

He goes have you ever dated a black guy before? I said no. I said well back in school if you want to count that he was mixed. He said why I hadn’t talk to him since or what. I said that was to long ago and I haven’t talk to him since his dad was my boss. They closed and moved.

He said but never really dated before? I said no. He said I didn’t think so why? I said I don’t know, maybe because they are all like the white ones, they all want to talk shit no action to back it up. I scare them off like the white ones or anyothers.

He laughed kind of and said scare them off, how do you do that or what do you mean?

I said because if I have a man in my life or around it is not because I need him for something. He is this because I want him there. I want to spend time with him, do things together or what. I am not looking for a man to pay my bills and buy me things or to take care of me or my kids. I said I may struggle but I can do it myself. If we are together we are because of them not what they can do have or give. I said most don’t know how to be with someone like that. They know they can’t pull shit or get away with shit because they know they can be dropped in just a minute. I said I let myself ger in a spot where I was dependent for a bit and I wont let that happen again. Guys don’t know how to act if they aren’t needed. I said we need to work as a team to make sure what is needed is covered then to have what we want.

He stammered a little said oh um, wow um yeah your right if you think about it. Um ah um I got to go! I said okay we hung up. I heard from him a little since but not much. He called last night ask what I was doing? I said goinbg home, cooking, feeding kids and putting them to bed. He ask what my plans were after that i said I didn’t know. He say much. Said he was at the mall shoping for shoes for his son. Something about shoping or liking to shop.

I said I don’t know I don’t like to shop for shoes, clothes or purses. I like to shop for houses, trucks and furniture.

He said you like to shop for the big money stuff. I said yeah hints why I don’t get to shop.



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