{December 14, 2018}   2 Days In and It’s Dead

I started my 2nd job at the car lot last night and it was dead. One or two calls that is about it. The one guy that works there had a friend come in to look at a car. He said he was going to come back this morning to buy it. That was it.

I worked with the owners son last night. He was the main one staring me down that 2nd day I went back to talk to them. I got there last night he told me we were going to be closing together and he would show me things. I thought oh boy this should be a great night.

But he ended up being pretty nice. He showed me a few things and said the other lady there would show me better tonight when I came in. We talked off and on through the night. He pretty decent.

Tonight I got there and I seen the owner in the other guys office. I walked back there. I said am I supposed to clock in or anything? He said you just did your good. I said okay. Last week he had me write down a number but it hadn’t come back up. Last night when we were locking up he ask if I had a code for the alarm? I said no. Then I thought I said I gave him a number last week that is probably what it is for. So when I asked about clocking in I ask if that was what the number was for he said yes. But that I didn’t have a key so. I said I know not worried about it. Was just asked I thought of that wanted to make sure I don’t forget if it is.

They told me I would be working with the other guy that was out there last week with the owners son. He would show me more if anything happen tonight. It was slow again. He called him in introduced us and told us the other girl would work with us. I guess he is new at the selling part too so she was there to help. I am not really sure. We talked a little but part of the night she sat and showed me how to put payments and things in. Then the guy from last night came back and the owner told me and the guy to work it together and we would split what was made. He would take care of the other guy because he was supposed to translate for us. They say they don’t speak english. But the guy did he was helping his son in law buy the car. We spent a while with them and they ended up not buying it. He said it was to much over all the interest rate was to high. He had good credit and all this. But he did not want to have his credit checked or anything like that. He was not willing to give his social or anything. He kept saying his credit was good we act like it isn’t and aren’t giving him a fair deal.

I looked at him and said but you are not using your credit. You do not want this to be tied to your credit in anyway. So we are not using it we can’t assume anything without proof you just doing buy here pay here. He looked at it told son in law no it is to much and they left. I knew he wasn’t going to take it to start with. He was mad they wouldn’t haggle price with him bring price down. But he wasn’t giving us the full down payment even. Some now some in 6 weeks. They didn’t want to give their number wanted the kid who is 17 to sign for it all instead of him. It was all a shady mess from the time they walked in.

But the time of the year that it is I know it is going to be dead the next few weeks. Until after the new year. Like they said. I just want to get it all over with. I want to be able to walk through it all with someone and know what I am doing so I can be on my own and not have someone over my shoulder all the time. I just want to fall into a routine and not be “new” anymore. Like my job now I know how everything works and on my own Ibdon’t have a someone holding my hand watching every move and questioning everything. They really aren’t it is just that feel like your being watched. The guy I was closing with Thursday night said man I hated asking the boss questions when I started be would yell at me and everything. I never wanted to ask him stuff but I had to. I guess he thought about what he was saying he said but he won’t do you that way. He be nice to you. I just grinned. I tell him same thing I tell anyone else, I am not going to be treated that way talk to like that. You don’t have enough money to pay me if you wanted to. I don’t care.

After walking through payments I think I can handle them on my own. We were halfway through putting a mock deal in amd it was time to go home. But it is pretty much fill in the box and your just taking information from the forms they are giving you. So I think I will be okay. I have to see how we work getting the tags, temp tags, insurance and things like that. I close with Mr. Auto tonight so I figure he will show me more maybe I don’t know. He has not said a lot to me the last few nights. I go in get my stuff then

The guy I worked with tonight I know from somewhere. I had been trying to figure it out since I seen him the other day. I never said anything. Later tonight after the people left he came over and said I know you and I can’t figureout from where. I laughed, I said I have been trying to figure out the samething. We talked a little never could figure out where from. It is going to drive me crazy until one of us figures it out. Normally it wouldn’t but it is like I should really know who this is and from where and have no idea. The fact niether of us have common names and the name don’t seem femilure to me. It does but it don’t. But his face and voice seems like someone I have known or been around at least offten even if I didn’t get to know him at the time. I knew of him. If that makes since.

Writing this I am wondering if he maybe worked with my dad or ex or if I know one of his ex. I was thinking maybe my step dads family too. Just can’t figure it out.


sounds like an adventure! I’m glad your liking it!

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