{December 27, 2018}   Gingerbread Houses

Last Thursday morning I woke up to a text from Sleeping Beauty, He had text me at like 6 am I woke up at 7 and by 7:30 when I had not answered he had found me on messenger added me and sent me a message on there. I was running late getting the kids up and ready for school so I did not reply. I also thought about ignoring him for a while and was trying to decide. I just wasn’t in the mood with fighting with kids and everything I figured he could wait.

I messaged him on the way back from walking from the school. He asked what I was doing I said walking home, so he asked about the truck we talked about that a little. I told him I had just walked the kids to school and was on my way home. But told him I needed breaks on it, he said something about why I hadn’t put any on it? I told him I didn’t have anyone to put them on they wanted $350 at the shop to do it I didn’t have that. He said if and when you get them I will put them on for you.

Then the next message I got was tell the kids I wish I was there to do the gingerbread houses. I told him they had been talking about doing them too. And all the outside lights and things. He said it was to late now for the lights. I said I knew.

Later that day or the next we were talking and I sent him a picture of him and Little Bitty from when we went to the beach one evening last year when he was there. He laughed or something. I said what? He said I was just thinking about that the other day. I said yeah it popped up when I was looking for something.

He asked if my mom was still staying with me? I told him unfortunately yes. He said maybe if he got paid Friday he would get dropped off Saturday and do the gingerbread houses with the kids. He pick a kit up. I told him okay and to let me know.

He ended up having family come up Saturday to do somethings with so he didn’t. That was okay because as much as the kids would of loved it and I would of like to see him it just wasn’t a good idea with my mom there.

I talked to him a little Saturday but haven’t heard from him since. Mr. Auto said tonight that someone told him his daughter is in town. I don’t know that I believe that because he was trying to find a ride to see her because her boyfriend was in an accident and in a coma he told me last week. When we were talking and talking about the breaks and things.

But maybe she is that be good I know he would be happy to see her. When we were talking before he was telling me she was supposed to come down to see him and didn’t. She called the last minute and wanted money he didn’t have and got mad. I could tell he was hurt by it and her not coming. I really do not know all that went on with his ex’s he told me here and there back when we first started talking but I do not remember all of the details. But I know without a doubt his kids and not being there is his biggest thing he beats hisself up over and has the hardest time ever with out of all he has done or been through. He truely cares and loves them. I hope one day they see that and really give him a chance before it is to late.

It isn’t just his kids, he loves kids and is so good with them. Bff’s little boy would come to the shop and hang out, he would take him and let him watch what he was doing and explain things to him. He stop whatever he was doing to help him with something if he needed it or just to talk and play around a bit with him. When he was here with mine he take time to talk with them about things they were interested in or their day or to do things with them. He tell them come on and tell me lets go, lets get them out of the house or tell them lets do this or that give your mom a break. He tell me go out with a friend go do something for a bit. I come home they would be laughing and talking. Or they would be in bed him and older one or two would be up talking or watching movies.

I told him oldest got her boaters licenses and passed her hunting safety course he was surprised. I told him she wanted to go fishing he said he had to find his stuff get it together.

I just don’t know he is a really decent guy, he just lets so much get to him. He like me handles so much then breaks. But when he breaks he lets the worse get the best of him and turns to the wrong things.

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