I been thinking about goals since I posted and really hadn’t come up with much. But the last few days I have come up with some, I have taken time to just sit relax and be still. So what I want………

I have to figure out school for the older two and babysitting.

I want to get someone to come in and clean once a week. I may get them to come in make dinner watch the little kids then clean once a week. No idea how to work all that yet.

I want a relationship and start building and growing with someone.

I want to get everything caught up. Bills, people paid back, everything owe no one nothing.

Fix my credit, was on a good roll with that, but dropped it last year counting on money that didn’t come.

I want to get my other two certificates not sure if I want the degree at this point.

I want my new to me excursion

My little ranger or small truck to get to and from work in. To give to oldest next year for her bday.

I want a boat, I want a pontoon boat, not new just something decent we can take out have some fun in. Go out to the islands and camp or spend the day in go out swim in the river.

An air boat to have fun in give to the boys to play with once 2nd in line gets his license.

I am not sure about a place to live I have to figure that out. I still want to move but have to see how jobs line up.

I want to take a vacation to see J and my cousins they are in GA, SC and NC. I think I will take some 3 or 4 day weekends and go.

I still want land, a house and horse too but that is a little further off still.


That is my list for now, not really just for 2019 but I would say the next year and a half for most and two to two and a half for the rest.



et cetera
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