{January 12, 2019}   You’re Welcome to Come

I took the kids to school and dropped the car at the lot and headed to the store to cash my check. I decided to get something for lunch why I was there. I was in line and my phone went off, it was a text from the owner who’s mom passed.

“Don’t hate us but we have to reschedule today. I have so much stuff to get done for tomorrow & not enough time in the day.”

“Also I don’t know if I mentioned it to you before but you are more than welcome to come tomorrow.”

They are having his mom’s celebration of life today. I have went back and forth on rather I was going to go or not. I never got to meet her and I really just know my boss and his dad. I have met one of the other kids and talk to one of the girls on the phone. Other than that I don’t know anyone. I thought I had to work but I don’t and now I feel kind of obligated to go since he said that. I was thinking I would drop a plant off before work before. Now that I am off I feel out of respect I should at least go for a little bit.

It starts at 3 I don’t know if they are going to do something or just everyone there together people coming and going. I figure I would show up at 3 and stay a bit and go of it is just people hanging out. I have been to both have no idea what to expect for this one. I don’t even know if the other owner is going or not. He said before he probably wouldn’t go to her service. But I think he thought they were doing a funeral at the time.

Now I sit debating what to do and what the hell to wear if I go because none of my nice stuff fits anymore. It is all way to big to even try and get by at this point. I got up and left like i was going to work i am sitting here in the truck trying to decide what I am going to do.

I hate when I feel obligated to do something, did you end up going? Hope if you did that it wasn’t too stress enducing. xox

I couldn’t do it, I went home.

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