{January 24, 2019}   A Weekend Away

This morning after I got to work my Old Friend messaged me to see what I was doing and make sure I got home safe last night. He said his truck isn’t running good why he didn’t come last night. It stormed bad here this morning. When I dropped the kids off at school it looked like it was about 6 at night. It was so dark and stormy. Something was said about it and he said he was trying to go home but it probably wouldn’t happen.

He ask what I had planned for the weekend I told him I had to work and things. Ask what he was doing? He said he didn’t know. We both got busy with work. To night at my other job when I finally got to sit down I messaged and ask if he finally got to go home?

He said he was home and ask if I wanted to come join him in a shower.

I said I was working. We talked a minute. I said I was tired.

He said

I hear ya… need to get away for a weekend and take a break… kids, no work, just relaxation, with a stiff drank…..Lol

I told him I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

He said we would find something, have a good time.

We talked a little I was getting cleaned up everything done for the night to go home. In a bit he said.

Yo….I’m serious about trying to get away from all Friday night to Sunday afternoon sometime soon.

I told him it would be a few weeks before I had Saturday of or could put in for one.

He was like okay I am good for going in two weeks.

He wants to go to the river or something. I’m good with that heck but I don’t know if I can really get away for the weekend. If I could I wouldn’t care if we just stayed at his house even but I know he wants to get away from there too.

Really I don’t know If I want to go with him for the weekend. I do because we have a good time together I like hanging out with him. But at the same time it is like pointless because I want more and he don’t. But then I say oh well who cares your both adults not seeing anyone so why not. Go have a good time.

But it just don’t feel right I don’t know. If we do it won’t be in two weeks that is for sure. I have to much going on right now.

Oh so awesome! If you go enjoy it! 😀

[…] I like to go with him and hang out and just have a good time. But I don’t know about no A Weekend Away with him. That just seems like taking things to another level or testing waters in that direction. […]

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