{January 24, 2019}   Not Going To Drink It

Last night we went to our weekly girls night out. My friend I worked with at the beach job was there. She was just getting off so we had our regular waiter. She came over and talk to us a bit and said she had to go she had a drink over there. I said I would be drinking but didn’t have the money to drink what I wanted.

In a little bit she brought me a drink over said she wasn’t going to drink it. They were two for one. I drank it started talking to the waiter about others. I ended up having two Long Island ice Tea after that. I guess because the first was made for her and then because we are friends and we know the waiter they made them strong. I was feeling good. I was relaxed but not buzzed.

We ended up leaving early because bff’s aunt wasn’t feeling good. I had left my truck at her house. We dropped her off and bff followed me home. I was alright but with my tag I was not taking a chance on getting pulled over.

I had messaged my Old Friend told him to come see me he was in bed. Told me I could come down if I wanted to. I told him I had to much to drink to do that. I knew it would hit me I didn’t want to be caught out needing to drive when it did.

I think he fell a sleep I didn’t hear from him much after we talked about the truck a minute.

Sounds like fun! Glad you got to do that!

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