{January 25, 2019}   Sold Another one

Last night when I left my day job I went and picked up something to eat before I went to the lot. I got there and was sticking my purse in the drawer and putting my stuff down and Mr. Auto said that’s your customer your up. I dropped my food in the drawer with my purse found my papers and went to go out the door.

The guy was headed in the women was sitting in the truck still and she was saying something to him. It looked like they were arguing. I turned to Mr. Auto and said this isn’t going to be anything they are not out of the truck and fighting.

About that time the guy came in. I asked of I could help him. He said yes he needed to talk to a sales person about a few of the cars he seen on line. I said okay which ones were you wanting information on? He said could he talk with a sales person to get him information on them. I said yes I can help you with all that I am the sells person. He looked funny and said oh okay then. I took them out and showed them a few they decided on a car and bought it. He says he is going to come back and get a truck in a few months when he gets tax money.

I made some money last night if they bring in the rest of the down by the end of April I will make some more off of it.

Tonight it is dead again, hopefully it will be busy tomorrow. I have to do my 10 hours.

I hope with the government opening back up it lets tax money come out on time and people calm down and start shopping again.

Even a few good checks would be good and help right now.

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