{January 26, 2019}   Not Sure What To Think

I have not heard from my friend since the night we talked and I wrote  Time to Break It Off. I do not know how I feel about that or how I should feel about it.

I messaged him Wednesday night when we were out he never responded. I don’t think he seen it until the next morning but he still never responded.

Someone you have been with and are with often and was with not that long ago says something about maybe being pregnant or that someone said maybe they are you would think you would be wanting to know or have something to say about it more than he did. Or wanting to know if by chance you were if it was his or if there was a chance of it being someone else.

Maybe because I wasn’t worried about it and didn’t think I was and he didn’t either. But I am still surprised I haven’t heard from him. I figured he would get a hold of me the next night because he was really wanting to go out the night before. If we can’t get together that night we try to the next night or with in a few days. He said he didn’t have his little girl so he had a free weekend. I can’t figure out why he isn’t saying anything. Maybe he is worried. But I don’t think so takes a lot to get to him. But he is getting things straight and bettering things for himself and said he didn’t want more now maybe he really don’t it isn’t a good time and he is freaking out ha ha. Who knows. I may say something to him tonight see if he responds. Maybe he found a girlfriend or maybe like me never thought I was so didn’t feel the need to bring it up again and he has just been busy.

Maybe he’s still processing it and doesn’t know what to say.

I wondered about that too. I don’t think he thinks I am but the reality of what if has hit. One of them things that you know is possible but don’t talk about.

You’d think he’d respond. I hope he does soon!

I talked to him today. I don’t think he thought I was or that I really thought I was. If so I think he would of said something.

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