{January 27, 2019}   Re: Not Sure What To Think

I talked to my friend this morning. He said he had a lot going on this week he was moving and things. He moved from his place because they wanted way more than it was worth and was upping the rent. He went to stay with someone he knew but it was about 40 miles or so from work and it really was just a room. He couldn’t have people over or do anything. He spent most the evening driving around just to not be there after work. He couldn’t even have someone over just to watch tv, cookout nothing like that.

He said he moved in with his brother. Its a lot closer to work he has use of the house as if it was his. He seemed a lot happier. He asked if I could come over. I told him maybe this week i could get away and over for a bit.

He still didn’t say anything about the other but I think like me he knew I wasn’t and that if I thought I was or maybe that I wouldn’t of just put it out there like that. That he will probably say something about it when we get together again. It don’t bother me after thinking about it more because I think if he really thought I was or I put it to him like I thought I was and not the way I did he would of responded different.

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