All last week all I wanted to do was eat and I did. I ate anything and everything. I gained 5 lbs. This week has been the same so far and I am not even going to step on the scale again anytime soon. I have been in a funk up and down mood swings lately. I think it is just the time of the year. We are coming up on 4 years my dad has been gone. The first two months of the year are when everything happened. I know I have never fully dealt with it and subconsiully its there even when he isn’t on my mind. Lately he is on my mind all the time.

I have decided I am just going to get through the rest of this month and next month. Then I will worry about where I am and how much I need to lose from there. I have been doing really good this far with little effort it it takes a little to get back on track it’s okay.

{January 16, 2019}   Maybe It Is A Guy Thing

I started a post right before Christmas I never finished, so let me give you a little back story first.

I get paid from the lot on Mondays and my day job on Fridays. Neither one held a week. So my first check at the lot was the 17th for my first 4 days. When I went in Mr. T was at his desk he called me around he gave me a hug and said he knew I had only been there a few days but he didn’t want to leave me out. He gave me an envelope. He said he hoped I had a good Christmas and New Years, he was leaving for vacation before I worked again come Wednesday and wouldn’t be back until after New Years. They gave me a $50 Christmas bonus. They didn’t have to and it was really nice of them.

Friday rolls around I get paid from my day job. They keep telling me how great I am doing, how business has picked way up, they don’t have to worry about anything, I’m the boss just handle it all how ever it needs to be they will back me up. How glad they are they found me, the dad always saying how much they need me and I do, I can’t leave.

I was told I could get bonus each week when I started. I was getting anywhere from $30 to $50 then it started being $20 a week. I never said anything. It has been that a bit now.

Friday before Christmas rolls around and they pay me. I leave and count my money when I get in the truck. They gave me $50 more than my normal pay. If you figure I get $20 extra most weeks that works out to a $30 bonus. To say I was a little upset would be an understatement. I was a little hurt and very ticked off.

Maybe they gave it as $50 no bonus for the week and maybe they were just looking at how long I had been there. About 2 months. I can understand if that is all they are looking at how they came to that amount. I do not know.  I do know a lot of factors play into the amount and things. I think that is where the idea or discrepancies came into play. Thinking about the bonus I use to get and the Christmas ones I would get. When I worked for a small family ran company like this in the past who would tell me how great of a job I was doing and things. And I am thankful for what they gave me here don’t get me wrong. It was just a surprise and felt like a smack in the face. Unappreciated I think is what it boils down to, thinking about it now. They say all this but do they really mean it? Do they really see you as the person or just a spot to be filled. If so what a way to show it throw $50 at you like we had to give you something so here.

I see bonus as showing someone you do notice the extra they do or that they really do add to your company and how much you value them for that. For their job performance over all.

Let me stop and say I am grateful for what they gave me. I know they did not have to give me anything at all. That I need to stop and think about things before getting upset or hurt over them. Because there is always a different perspective than our own to consider. It could just be a guy thing. Maybe they just don’t think about it and do their own thing.

I say that because while they didn’t give me much for a Christmas bonus, they turned around and not only got my phone on but took over that bill. That was something they did on their own and did not have to do at all. But they found out it was off and decided to do it. They considered that I was going to be losing money to taxes and things as well. They could of gave me a raise but it would just be taxed too and my phone still off and it would not of been as much in the end by the time they took everything out.

Something else they said or done since that they didn’t have to or could of even gotten mad about. But they didn’t, I remember thinking it isn’t me, they really don’t mean anything by things. They are just your typical guy who mean well but don’t always think about things sometimes. They are both single just winging it and have never really had an employee before.

I know a lot of what I got in bonus came from the wife of the one owner having input. They had more money to give and play with because of the kind of work. But I also know they could of done more. I wasn’t expecting a lot I am new or what. But even before I got a bonus from the lot I figured the shop would give me $100 probably. Maybe a little more.

But I am okay with it because I think they really do care and are just guys fumbling through. That we just see and do things differenly. I know they really are glad I am there and grateful and happy with all I do. The one tells me all the time he don’t know how I do it and he couldn’t. Talking about all the phone calls I make. I have wore out a phone already too.

{January 12, 2019}   Don’t Think I Can Go

I am sitting in my truck at the store trying to force myself to go in and I just can’t. I am supposed to be at the celebration of life in less than an hour and I don’t want to go. I should be going in to get a top to wear, that is why I am here. The closer to time it gets the sicker I feel.

I think because of the time of year it is and losing my dad. Right now was when we were in the thick of things with him and the day of his death is less than a month a way. The cancer all just hitting to close to home. I don’t know what to do. I feel I need to go out of respect at least but I feel such horrible anxiety right now thinking about it.

I left for work this morning but didn’t have to work I’m just bouncing around here and there. I just want to go home and sleep. I gained 5lbs from all I have eaten this week alone. I been eating anything and everything and even buying food. I think just because I am depressed. It just hit me thinking about everything. I just feel like I am in a funk. Couldn’t figure out why.

{January 12, 2019}   You’re Welcome to Come

I took the kids to school and dropped the car at the lot and headed to the store to cash my check. I decided to get something for lunch why I was there. I was in line and my phone went off, it was a text from the owner who’s mom passed.

“Don’t hate us but we have to reschedule today. I have so much stuff to get done for tomorrow & not enough time in the day.”

“Also I don’t know if I mentioned it to you before but you are more than welcome to come tomorrow.”

They are having his mom’s celebration of life today. I have went back and forth on rather I was going to go or not. I never got to meet her and I really just know my boss and his dad. I have met one of the other kids and talk to one of the girls on the phone. Other than that I don’t know anyone. I thought I had to work but I don’t and now I feel kind of obligated to go since he said that. I was thinking I would drop a plant off before work before. Now that I am off I feel out of respect I should at least go for a little bit.

It starts at 3 I don’t know if they are going to do something or just everyone there together people coming and going. I figure I would show up at 3 and stay a bit and go of it is just people hanging out. I have been to both have no idea what to expect for this one. I don’t even know if the other owner is going or not. He said before he probably wouldn’t go to her service. But I think he thought they were doing a funeral at the time.

Now I sit debating what to do and what the hell to wear if I go because none of my nice stuff fits anymore. It is all way to big to even try and get by at this point. I got up and left like i was going to work i am sitting here in the truck trying to decide what I am going to do.

{January 11, 2019}   Waiting For Morning

Wednesday night Mr. Auto said he had some cars to be picked up. I told him I was going to find someone to help me I would do them. He said okay let him know the next day I thought and thought couldn’t think of anyone to go. Then I thought of “my friend” I messaged him ask if he wanted to go drive me and he said sure.

He met me after work and we parked my truck at the store and off we went. The first one he wanted me to go by the persons job and see if it was there and let him know. We went but it wasn’t there. The other wasn’t that far away we went to find it. There it sat right where the GPS said it would be. I wasn’t sure at first i was looking. My friend said right there paper tag and your lots sticker on it. We went around came back. I jumpped out got in it off we went. We stopped at the little store about a mile down from where we got it. Funny thing is I left the apartment and got 2 blocks up the road and was at the police department. I started to stop there but I didn’t.

We got to the little store I called Mr. Auto and told him I had it. He said no you don’t. I said yeah I do I am standing beside it. He said you were supposed to call me when you found it. I said oh well to late I have it. He said get it pull over at the store call me I tell you what info you need. Oh well whatever not a big deal. He wanted the car I got the car. I called the police department and let them know I had it and gave them all the info they needed then got the info I needed.

Now it is sitting in my front yard. I don’t like it. I just do not like being responsable for other peoples things like cars or money, things of value. I am just waiting for morning to get it to the lot. But it is okay. I am not sure how it is going to get back to the lot. I thought I was going to drive it there before work in the morning. But he called me as I was backing it into the yard and said not to let anyone know I have it or got it.

I am not sure why. Only thing I can think of is he don’t want Sleeping Beauty’s friend who works there to know. The two of them do them together a lot of times. Plus the guy that closed with me wanted them. Mr. Auto slipped me the keys and papperwork when he wasn’t aroud. Later he took trash out I stuck them down in my purse. He may not want the boss to know I am the one who picked it up. Figures they won’t like it or what.

Ah something I just thought of, maybe he don’t want them to know because then I will know what he is getting paid for doing them. He handles them they pay him so much each one. Well then he pays someone to go pick it up for him. He figures if they find out I picked it up they will say they should just pay me instead of him. I didn’t think about that. I think that and the fact of me being a women going is the problem they will say something about. Mr. T is funny about what us women do. T jr ask me to bring the golf carts put them up. Mr. T said no, no she don’t need to do it I will he said come guide me in so I don’t hit the wall.

He is the owner this is something everyone else there handles. It was way past his time to go home it was late. You would think he would say you all take care of that im going home. Nope he done it. He had a guy come in with a car he wanted to take it back but he didn’t, he just let him go because he didn’t have anyone here buy me and the other lady that works here.

I hope he has some tonight I can go get.

{January 10, 2019}   Well I Finally Done It

I sold my first car lastnight. Shortly after I got there and the others left, I was sitting there listening to my podcast and this kid walks in. I called him over to my desk and ask if I could help him. I figured he wanted to make a payment it was dark after 6. He said he needed to find a salesman he needed to buy a car. I said started asking him questions to find out what I could do for him.

I found out it was his first car, he had $600 down. He is 24 this is his first car. I told him to hold on let me see what I could find for him. I went over to talk to Mr. Auto he hadn’t left for the night. He told me of a few and told me where to find them. He told me about a nice one told me to get the key and pull it around for him.

I did that set it all up and let him take it for a test drive. He came back he said he would like a little truck if he could but we didn’t really have any with what he had down. He ask about another i walked inside to see where it was.

Mr. Auto went inside to talk to the owner and T jr. stop me ask what he had and things then tells me not to waste my time we can’t do anything for him because he only has $600 down and don’t have the $310 for a tag so he really only has $300 down.

My understanding was we were going to work with him get hi. In a car and let him pay the money in pick up payments. He like no there is nothing we can do and walks out with me and tells the kid and his mom nope we can’t put you in anything come back when you get more money. While I am trying to take them to see a car. They say okay and go to leave. I tell them I’m sorry that I thought we were going to do it different. They were nice said they understood he wanted something but knew he would probably need more down. They got in their car and I went to put the tag away and file his licence copy i made.

Mr. Auto was in the office with Mr. T. They ask what happen. I told them what T jr. Did ran them off. Mr. Auto said no no no we were doing this and that. I said that is what I thought too but he told them different. He went out and stopped them, told them what we talked to the owner about and we could get them in something. They didn’t seem like they were going to park and stay we left them alone to talk. After we walked back inside they parked and stayed. He came in and was asking to see the other cars we were talking about. I took him back and showed him some.

He decided on the first one I showed him. We went in to do paperwork. Mr. Auto came over help me and help explain how his payments were going to work and everything to him. Mr. T came over and started running him off and T jr came to help me. I wasn’t happy about that but I wasn’t going to say anything infront of my customer. Took a bit but we got it all done.

I wasn’t a big sell, I didn’t make much but the kid got a car and he was thrilled about it. Every little bit adds up, like I told Mr. Auto later.

After that we moved stuff in locked up and got out of there, it was about quarter til 9 dead.

On my way home I called Mr. Auto I said what the hell was that tonight? He said what? I said T jr. with my customer? Running them off? He said oh that and laughed. I said oh no I’m pissed and I am ready to say something. I don’t care who he is owner’s son or not. What are they going to do fire me? I stay he does that I’m not making money, they fire me I’m not making money so either way I’m not making money. He said I know I tell him do not even talk to my customers anymore. He said he will do it every time.

I said he made the comment he don’t like those with so little down you make no money on them. I said that was what $60 give or take. I don’t know maybee it is nothing to him but hell that’s money in my pocket half a bill paid. I said maybe he can be picky and choose but I need the money and besides that those little ones add up pretty fast $60 here $50 there a $100 over there. It is better than nothing. He said I know I know thats what I say. If we help them good to them they come back, they bring friends and family you are making more because that’s another new customer for you and they are doing a little better more to work with more profit. He said he don’t see it like that he don’t know what it’s like to be out here and struggle just try to get by and things.

I said he is about to findout because he has pissed me off that is the 2nd one he has done that way. I said I will tell him real fast and his dad because he is messing with my money now and I don’t play when it comes to my money. I need mine to bad. He said yeah don’t let him do you that way and stand up say something. I said oh I will. I said you know what he put his name on my paperwork as seller I forgot to fix it. He said what? I said he came over was looking over it said don’t forget to put your name as the seller, then I looked over he put his on there and then took over the paperwork. Then was rushed out the door to go home when they left. I forgot to change it and fix it. He said oh no girl you sold that car we will fix that when you get there tomorrow. I said my name is on it in the computer and I sighned was all of his copies of the paperwork. I forgot because I did not even get to look at the paperwork to see what was done or why he took it away and took care of all that or I would of remembered and changed it. He said well we will tomorrow.

I thanked him for the help he gave me and told him what happen Saturday how they just walk off and every few seconds I had to go find someone. Then he ran them off. I said I still need someone to walk me through from start to finish with someone just sit back silent unless I ask let me get the feel and see how it is done. Because I have never been given that chance. I walk out here looking like I know nothing fell from some other planet 2 minutes before they got there. I have to keep leaving them every few seconds find someone to answer their questions for me then go back to them tell them now they have a question about that its just a circle. What could be a 3 minute conversation turns into a 23 minute one because of me chasing someone down begging for help then next time its someone different they tell you do this not this or that. He said yeah thats not right. He would help if he was there.

Because this guy tonight didn’t ask a lot of the things about it other customers would. And the one I helped with before wasn’t like a lot of them are either. There was a problem they didn’t speak english well so there was a 3rd person it was a mess. I know if someone help me through one without walking away every few seconds and then let me do all the paperwork on my own just check when I was done i be okay on my own. Heck I had to fight with T jr. tonight he couldn’t put the right amount in for the guys payment in. He was going to be over charging him two car payments on his first 6 payments. I argued with him he tell me I was wrong. I finally just said okay and started putting the dates and amounts in but only put in what it was supposed to be and did not add his payment to it. In a bit he was like oh I see what your saying now when I am about done with it.

I don’t know what’s wrong with him other than power trip wanting to feel important.

{January 6, 2019}   How Do You Like Your Other Job

I had to work at the lot today 9-7 like always. Everyone was there today other than Mr.Auto, it is his day off. Mr. T and T jr. were back from vacation as well. Oh an Sim wasn’t there. He took the day off since they were back I guess.

It was a simi busy day, a lot of payments and some looking to buy for a change. I helped a few. One couple decided to come in a few weeks when she can get something she wants not just because she needs it. I think they will come see me again the liked what we had they just needed a little more down than they had.

The owner was pretty busy running around taking care of things so I didn’t see him much. He came over we went out to talk to another couple about a truck and give them some information. Then when he was asking what I wanted he was going to get everyone lunch. All they do over here is eat. It is a good thing I am only there all day the one day.

But anyway me and T jr closed tonight and Mr.T ended up staying waiting for Mr. Auto to come in. I guess he was out working picking up cars today even though he was off. They were there too.

About 6:30 Mr. T came and sat at my desk ask how I was doing, then ask how long I had been at the knife place and how I liked it?

I told him since October that they were good to me I liked it. He asked how the pay was? I said not enough that is why I’m here. He said how much do they pay you? He said I’m sorry I’m not trying to be nosie. If you don’t mind me asking. I said $10. He was shocked and dumbfounded you could tell. He said I want to simi retire and not be here as much. He said I don’t know if that is something you would be interested in or not, it be a lot better or much better than $10. I said I like my job but I am always open to talking and always keep my options open. He said okay once I decide what I am doing or if I am going to I will talk to you first. He said I talked to Sim and he really likes you and says you know what your doing and smart. He said I think I like to bring you on but I didn’t know if it was something you would be interested in. But you are so I will let you know. I said okay thank you.

I am not sure what he is thinking because everyone is sales but the one lady that works with me. She is collection’s and things like that. If he brings me in and gives me some kind of job over her I don’t think that is going to go over well. She has a degree in buisness and has been there a long time. I think anything he give me would be something she could do so she going to be mad she didn’t get a shot at it.

I thought too maybe he is going to give me her job and move her up. But I don’t know because I know some are not to happy with her and Sim and her butt heads. She was telling me last night he got onto her for a bunch of stuff just the last two days. How he was mad she had me to some of her work the first few Saturdays I was there. It was so I could learn how to put payments in. But I knew and it is only one kind so once you do a few you know it. I felt lately like somethings she was just giving me so she didn’t have to. But I do and don’t care. It gives me something to do but at the sametime it seems it is just expected I am or should do it. I don’t like to feel that way.

Other than that I don’t think anyone else would have anything to say or care. Just leaves the 3 guys. T jr already has more say and control he the owner’s son so. Mr. Auto I don’t think is really interested in anything like that he is sales and repo’s he does good. The other guy I don’t think could or would want to do something like collections or handle the office end of things. He is just more of a do as told he don’t question or worry about why.

Other than those 3 the others all work in the service area and have their boss and things. We don’t intertwine in that area so it wouldn’t really affect them.

I need to talk to him about some things that went on today, when I go in Wednesday. While I’m in talking to him I am going to ask him about it. Mostly just what I would be doing or job title.

{January 4, 2019}   And Just Like That

They are taking taxes and my phone bill. I went to work this morning and the one owner was there, he told me they were putting me on the books now. He would print the papers and have me fill them out next week. He said he was going to put my start date as the 2nd of this month. He said I would still get paid weekly and it could be put right into my bank.

I had set a bunch of appointments for them today, 9 all together. About 3 more than normal. Half way through the day the other text me and told me our knife guy was coming and ask me to give him $100 out of my check and that he was leaving us three more knives. They paid me before they left incase they didn’t get back in time to. They said they would be back in enough time to give it back to me.

I messaged him back from my text app I use when I have internet. He ask if I had a new number. I told him no my phone was just off for a bit, I could get calls and text just not call or text out.

I never heard anything back and went on about my day trying to get work for them for Monday. I asked them this morning before they left where they wanted to go Monday since our one place cancelled? The one was like I don’t know and was asking the other. Then he looked at me and said why are you asking us your the boss your supposed to figure it out and tell us what we are doing or where we are going. We don’t know where we want to go or need to go. The other said this area and that is always fun we haven’t been in a while.

I said okay I think I can make that happen we haven’t been there much. I will get on it. Well then I had to make a list because I made it for that area before and the computer did something and it was all gone. I forgot about it. So I started my calls late and was just finishing when they came in at like 4. Most the time I am done way before 4 because you can’t get people or an answer after about 3. They ask you to call back or say no one is here so no.

They came in I said 99 calls later and no one wants to see you all Monday but some do Wednesday. He said okay no big deal thats good we still have work backed up here we need to get done.

Then in a minute the other owner walkes in and they were talking in the shop and one of them said do you need a phone?

I said I have the phone it is just off I haven’t been able to pay it. I will next week.

He said we have one that is just sitting there no one is useing. He said I am sure they would rather us hook it up and keep it than turn it off. It is on the business account. He said we will hook it up and pay that take care of the monthly bill for you. He said since we are putting you on the books and they are going to take taxes and things out on you. I said okay if you want that would be great. He asked what kind of phone I was using? I said just an Android. He said because it is an iphone s7plus or something like that. I said that’s fine. He said okay we will get it all switched and taken care of. He went to leave and came back, said if you need a phone now you can message us one of us will meet you over at the AT&T store this weekend and set it up. I told him I work 9 to 7 tomorrow we could just do it Monday or Tuesday. They are at the shop Monday and local Tuesday anyway. I haven’t had one all this time two days aren’t going to make a difference. Not when one day I will be at work all day anyway.

I wasn’t sure if I could trade my number over or not because my phone is off. I had ask them if I could put my number on that phone he said he thought so they didn’t care. Later I thought about it being off most places won’t let you. I called two AT&T stores and one said yes one said no. I called boost to see how long before I would lose my number and see if I could get them to turn it back on for a few day. Sometimes they will if you normally make your payment and things. I asked her if they had a cheaper plan than the one I am on. She said they have a daily plan for $3 a day for full service. I figure I will call Sunday night or Monday morning before we go. Then it will be on they should have no problem porting it over. I really don’t want to lose my number and start over I have has this number for 9 years everyone has it. There are so many places I would have to change it with and so many that would get missed. It just be much easier.

But that is great that is one bill I will not have to worry about. Even though they are taking taxes out it will even out pretty much and I will kind of come ahead. I will have a much better not broken phone and much better unlimited service. I will be buying a case asap for it for sure.

I still want to ask for a raise because I do a lot there and minumu wage just went up too. But now I can’t ask for as much so I have to reevaluate and decide what seems fair.

{January 2, 2019}   Don’t know How To Keep Going

I don’t know what to do anymore or how to keep going. Everything is breaking and we need a ton we are doing without because I haven’t been able to get it.

I still have not been able to get the breaks fixed on my truck. It sounds horrible and much harder to stop of course. My dryer decided to break last night, it is making some kind of horrible sounds. I am guessing something has frozen up or broken the way it sounds. We needs clothes, we are down to a few outfits each makes for more clothes. Needing to be washed. Clothes wearing out faster. The boys beds are still messed up and mine at this point. My couch messed up from my poor 2nd having to sleep on it all the time. The front end is still messed up on my truck eating yet another pair of tires off of it.

All I can think is my rent is about to go up in March to $900 or more a month and how can I afford that. If I do then how am I ever going to take care of anything else or get anything we needs. Things are just going to get worse and worse here soon. They already are slowly. I had been keeping things up and I don’t know what happen everything is falling a part.

Part of it was I was borrowing from here and there to pay this and that. Then paying it back from tax or school or so much a week. Really I didn’t have it to do that because the money I was using to pay back I needed for other things and bills but paid everyone back instead. So that has just kept the cycle going. Now I don’t have money from school and things to use for anything.

I could see if I was living beyond my means and trying to have everything and the best of everything. But I’m not, I am just trying to get by and servive.

It is starting to seem as if everyone is right and my kids do live a pretty shitty life anymore. I don’t want to live it’s a wonder they do anymore at this point.

I said something to my 8 year old about being sorry things are the way they are right now and not being able to do more with them and do better. He said it is okay we can’t have everything we want. Something about being a king or something. That people aren’t supposed to have or need to have everything. He was happy.

We talked more about how things are and my mom being there, his dad leaving. He keeps talking about my dad and him passing away and everything he loves leaving him. He hasn’t brought up his dad in all of it I find odd but as hard as it has been with my dad passing I know his dad not being around is hard and that he is indirectly talking about him too by things he says. I said to him the other night something about his dad when he was talking. He said yeah life has just been really ruff for me but it’s okay, I have you and you take care of me.

It just all killed me because they know we don’t have but still try to make it okay and be happy. But I know they aren’t and they will say do you think one day we will have money to do this or that, to go here or therw or have this or that? Or when you get the money can we……..

Everytime they ask for something or want to do something I get say we can’t. They want to go to Applebee’s for appetizers and to sing tonight I don’t even have the money for that. But all their friends are going. Missing a weeks worth of work with holidays and sick kids just made things worse.

As you all know if you read my other post, Little Bitty went to work with me Thursday to my day job. She had her teeth looked at and I dropped her at home. I went back to work. Well then few hours later they called and said she couldn’t go to the bathroom. She said it burnt and hurt.

It was 4:30 then, I called my other job and told the boss I was going to be late. I told him I should be in at 7.

I then seen it was 4:30 and asked the owner at my other job if I could go ahead and go. He said yes, that if I couldn’t make it Friday to let him know as soon as I knew or could. I told him I would be there. He sounded surprised and said something. I said I will be here don’t worry. He just said okay.

I ran picked her up and took her to the doctor’s. I did not get out of there until 7 or close to it. I was in such a mood and so upset with the death, fighting with the winch, Bitty being sick. I was just done, I wanted to go to the lot and quit. I but knew I couldn’t. I figured I was going to get fired or jumped all over anyways it get nasty I end up not there.

I went right there from the doctor’s office to talk to them. I was all but in tears by the time I got there. Mr. Auto was there and the other guy. The other guy stayed to cover for me.

We went in I walked over and talk to him. Thanked him for covering for me and ask if he could cover the rest of my hours for the night? He said yes it was okay. I still had to get her meds and get her home. He talk to her ask how she felt and gave her candy.

We walked over and talk to Mr. Auto he had finished with his customers. He talked to her and gave her a handful of candy. We left so we could get her meds before they closed.

Friday I went to work ready for my lecture and lashing for missing half the day and bringing her to work. The one owner and the fill in guy had already left they had to get an early start we had a lot of appointments for the day. He called for something and before he told me what he needed or anything he asked how my little one was. If she was feeling better? Then told me what he needed to about work.

Later Pop’s son came in I was surprised with his mom just passing the day before. I thought this is it, he must be really mad he came in with all that is going on to see me. He come in and said I have to pay you they aren’t going to be back in time and he ask what I had worked the day before. Then he came in said hows your little girl? Is everything okay now? I told him. I also told him sorry to hear about his mom. He left. He wasn’t mad or anything.

I went back to working on my project I had been working on when he left. In a little bit I get a text, it was from the guy who covered my shift the night before.

He asked how Little Bitty was doing and how I was doing. He said I looked really upset and things the night before when we were in.

When I got off and headed for my other job I was preparing myself for dealing with the boss when I got there. He had already went home when I stopped the night before. He is nice but can have a temper or adduttude if he don’t like something.

I went in and just went straight back to his office to talk to him. I walked up and he said hi, how are you? How is your daughter, did you get everything taken care of? Ii said yes and sorry for missing the whole night. He said good and went on talking about other things.

It is nice to be looked at as a person who has a life outside of work. Not that your life is work. You aren’t just a body to fill a position like most places. Had that been my last job or most others I been yelled at told I was going to lose my job and that I needed to take care of that on my day off even though I only had weekends off when doctores are closed. I always do everything I can on my days off or give notice way ahead of time untless an emergancy like that comes up.

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