{February 2, 2019}   Pushing To Much

Not  in the mood to deal with the bullshit today. It’s just that time of the year that is hard for me. This week and the rest of the month is hard. I have been doing good at staying positive and not falling into a depression like I do a lot of times. But my patience for putting up with and dealing with people right now is at an all time low. Like rock bottom not there low and T jr. seems to have picked this time to push and see how far he can push me. I guess I been here long enough he figures it is time to try and throw his perceived weight around. Like I said in Don’t Talk To My Girl Like That I’m not going to put up with it and right now is not the time.

Today I am sitting here and a lady comes in and ask about some cars. I took her out showed her some and found one she liked. I came in to ask about down payment and things and he goes oh wait that was my deal. Who was here first. I said I don’t know I think we were both in at the same time. Well um I think I was here first that is my sell, send her over here and I will take care of her. So he is over there doing my sell. I was down to paperwork. I didn’t say anything we had a showroom full of people and I am not going to lower myself to the way he does. But I am going to be having a conversation with Mr. T when he isn’t busy. He wasn’t here or I would of already.

Yes I know first in first up all that. But we were in same time and he was no where to be found when she came in. It is like this all the time he is here or there you have to call and hunt him when you need him or it is his up. While 99.99% of the time I am sitting here they come in to me then I have to find them to give them their sell. If this was his up then when he seen us walking around the lot talking or me walk out with her didn’t he come out and say something? Why did he wait until I had the sell and just needed to do the paperwork to say something?

It’s alright his will come around trust me. He may do the rest this way, he isn’t going to do me this way.

Last night I was up and then I was on the phone taking payments, one person was making two or three so it took a bit. The guy closing with me went out and started talking to them and helping them. I didn’t care I could of went and helped them told him they were mine or what. But I didn’t, honestly I didn’t want to deal with them. They just looked like ones that were going to waste your time.

In a little bit another couple came in and I took them since it was just me and him here and I was up. I showed them some cars and they picked one. Her car was totaled in an accident so she is waiting for the check from the insurance company in order to get it.  So she gave me $500 to hold it for her.

The car I sold was one his people were wanting. But they were driving everything and I found out later had their own mess going on. The boss had said they could not buy a car last night. They finally after hours of looking and driving they left. This morning they came back and the truck they wanted sold about a half hour before they got here.

But they were just time wasters and wanted to give us less than $1000 and leave with 2 cars. I was glad I hadn’t went out to help them.

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