{February 16, 2019}   WTF Moment

Boy did I have a what the fuck moment today. I was sitting here at work doing something and the phone rang and I answered it.

This guy with an accent calls me by name and says how are you doing? This is RC!!!

I was confused in a split second wtf, how dose he know where to find me, why is he calling me here, I can’t deal with him right now, no fucking way in hell he is calling me.

I said this is WHO? He said D is is busy today?

When he said that this relief came over me. Thank god I miss understood him and wow he sounded just like him.

He must of heard it in my voice he said what is wrong? I said I thought you said someone else I wondered how they had found me.

After I hung up I thought wow the way I felt when I thought that is who it was on the phone. Why did I feel that way?

I was shocked or surprised whatever you want to call it and annoyed he was calling me at work on their line instead of my cell. I have the same number I had back then and it isn’t hard to find or get. If he could pin point me to where I was working he could of had it too.

I thought I would feel anger or something if or when he came back in the picture but I didn’t at all. It was just a it’s about time lets see where this goes.

I have been thinking about trying to contact him it was like okay now I don’t have to do that and stress about the outcome. So much goes through your head at one time and so fast.

I was relived when it wasn’t him but kind of disappointed at the same time. Disappointed as in now there is still no contact been made and now I still have to decide what to do and how to handle it and how he is going to react.

well damn! I guess good it wasn’t him! xo

I guess it just amazed me how much could run through my head all in a matter of a split seconds.

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