{February 17, 2019}   May 15, 2019

Is the day we will be going to court over child support. Well me and Father of The Year. I still have not heard anything about RC and Little Bitty.

I found a paper that said I had an online account now with them. I decided to log on to see if it said what was going on with my case and it sure did.

Everything shows it was just put up this month it shows they sent a letter to irs to take his tax return and it shows we have a court date for May 15. It did show that January something they sent a letter to suspend his license. Then when I clicked on that it says the letter was sent to him on December 21 I think and he had 20 days to pay/respond. It is past the 20 days. I check clerk of court and unless I looked something up wrong they haven’t done it. But it don’t show if he answered or anything either.

It says the motion for contempt was filed and the court date was issued on the 14 of this month. But I think the lawyer can file it and then set the date.

I open mail from yesterday and it was a letter from a lawyer telling me they are with the enforcement office and we have a court date for May 15.

But the paper only has mine and little man’s name on it and has us listed at his address. I am calling them Monday to check on all that. I am going to find out what I need to show to prove he is working as well.

I have text also from his boss to show we talked about what he owed too and him paying. I have pictures and can get more if I have to.

I am going to watch for them to say when his license is suspended and I am sending it to his boss or taking it to him. See how long he has company truck to ride around in then.

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