{February 23, 2019}   Get a Hold of Sleeping Beauty

So we will call this guy I met Sailor he has a sailboat so. Well anyway Bff asked boss from the tranny shop if he knew him. He said he seen him before or something. She told him he knew him from the car lot he worked at back when. She said something else he said wait he did all the computers for them and took car of all that for them. He said yeah he remembered him but didn’t know a lot about him they had a problem with a car and him he took it or something.

He asked why? She told him I met him last weekend and then what I found out about him. He said it was bad. He asked right away if she had been around him if he had been to their house or mine. He told her we needed to get a hold of Sleeping Beauty right away. Was my first thought but then called my other friend because I wanted to see if I could get a gun from him. He told her of we go out Wednesday night we need to take him with us.

I said why do we need to get a hold of him? Why did he go straight to him? She said because this guy isn’t staging or fronting he done this stuff he knows what he is talking about and he has all these charges. He knew he uncle, dad, sister and old boss. Old boss seems to be the only one that remembers him. But her uncle looked him up said with his charges and all the computer and hacking he knows he is very dangeres. I said I know I have already told you this. I already know all this been saying it you don’t believe me. I have lived with the DV and taken classes trained in dealing with it.

But I wanted to know why he felt we or I needed to get a hold of Sleeping Beauty? When he was so against us talking and always making comments if he thinks we are or have been. She said he told her he could handle him and know how to take care of him and if he needed to he had people he could get a hold of to get it taken care of and he would.

When I got off work I rode with her to the store and tried to get a hold of him. I had not heard from him since last Friday night. When he said he wasn’t going home then never got a hold of me about going Saturday.

I messaged ask if he was up then ask if he could call me. He didn’t answer then I tried to call him he never answered. I messaged again and said can you call me asap things are not alright.

Finally this morning he messaged me back and ask if I was okay.

At this minute i am fine. But i need to talk to you about something that maybe/turn into a problem.

He ask what I ask if I could call him it was a lot to put on text.

He ask what it was about said please tell him what it was about. So I finally told him someone I may need help getting to leave me alone. He wanted to know who. I just told him a guy i talk to for a few days.

He ask what he was doing and things. I just told him call me when he got a free minute it was to much to explain. He said okay. He asked if I was working. I told him yeah I am here until 7 to call or stop by. He said okay. If I don’t hear from him by the time I get off I am calling him. He said he isn’t working he is working on his friends moms car. I am going to ask him if I can stop by and talk to him.

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