{February 25, 2019}   A Chance To Be In Your Life

When I dropped sleeping Beauty off Saturday night he got out with his tools. As he got out he said I am coming around to that side. He came up to my door he said be safe and keep my kids safe. I said I’m trying. He said you know those are my kids. He was opening my door and I turned around to face him. He pulled me over to him and gave me a hug. I laid my head down on his shoulder/chest and we stood there. He looked down at me and kissed me. I just sat there, he asked if I was okay? I told him yes just didn’t feel good and everything going on. He said I told you don’t worry about it, you will be fine I will take care of it if it is needed. I said I know.

Few minutes after I left and headed home I got a message from him saying You really looked good tonight.

I said thank you, I was driving so couldn’t really say much. What else am I going to say?

Then he said was you okay with the hug and kiss?

I said yes and he asked if I was okay.

I said exhausted and…….. just left it at that.

He said maybe your mom will watch the kids you can bring me home sometime this week and you can stay the night and watch a movie.
I told him we would see.

I told him I made it home that I was just picking up oldest and going to the store. He said be careful please.  I just said always.

In a little bit me and oldest were walking around the store and I got a message. Can I ask you a question? I said of course and then asked him what he was doing Sunday and told him me and the kids were going to Bff’s for dinner did he want to come. He said sure.

In the mean time he sent his question. He said……

Would you give me another chance to be in your life? Because I wasn’t ready before.

I didn’t know what to say I wasn’t expecting that at all. I said um wow.

He said wow what?

I said wasn’t expecting that.


What you asked?

Would you like that?
I said yes.

Then yesterday I picked him up and we went to to Bff’s house. Last night the three of us were standing outside talking and something was said about us and Bff said something about if you don’t disappear again. real fast he said oh no I’m not going to disappear again. She said you promise or something he said trust me I’m not going no where. She said you need to promise her. He said I’m telling you I’m not going anywhere or disappearing on her again I can promise that, He was like very admit about it.

Later I took him home and he came around to my side again and hugged me and he laid his head on me and was just standing there. He had his arms around me. He wasn’t saying anything. We had been joking around in the truck before we got there and things. I had my head on his shoulder and I pulled back and looked at him. He wouldn’t look at me at first. I moved to see him again more. He looked at me finally he looked at me I could tell he was upset and he turned away from me. I said so your not going to leave or disappear again huh? He said no, no I’m not. Something else was said. I said yeah I sent you a text awhile ago and you never responded. He said when? I said it has been awhile. He said how long? I said probably back December maybe even November. He said what was it about? I said it don’t matter now. He said send it to me so I can reply to it or what. I said I’m not worried about it. He said no I want to know tell me send it to me again. I picked my phone up and looked at it couldn’t find it. I told him I didn’t know where it was. Not to worry about it. He said no I want to know you now what you said or what you asked. I said I didn’t really ask anything I just said stuff but I don’t even remember right now what all I said. He said please just send it to me, before I go to my room so that I get it before I get up and head to work tomorrow. I said I will see. He said really I want to know what it said so I can reply.

I left and on my way out I remembered where I could find it since I couldn’t find it in the text I sent him. I copied it and sent it to him. He said tell me I said I sent it didn’t you get it. Then he said yeah I got it.

It was the one I sent back in November, about what was he looking for and being scared that someone got through his wall.

He said he got it, then he said……I’ve been thinking about it to for awhile, and how you made me feel when we are together and would like to work and grow with.

And no I’m not looking for sex that’s not what a relationship is about.

I haven’t said anything about anything to the kids. I still want to wait for a while just as I would with anyone before I do. My friends kid said Oldest said she thinks or can tell that I like him. I don’t know what else was said. That is all they said.

Bff had to take a kid at her house home I told her we would wait with the kids until she got back. Me and him sat outside by the fire while we were waiting for her to get back. Little Bitty came out and was talking to us. She said something to Sleeping Beauty, he said oh you like me now? She said yeah a little bit I guess. She told him about being in school now and how old she was and when her birthday is. She went back inside.

Last night we left Bff’s house to take him home. This truck turned out in front of us from the street up from us. I just knew it was Father of The Year and sure enough when I got close to it I seen the writing on the back it was. The work truck. I told Sleeping Beauty you know who that is? He said who? Your ex? I said yep. I figured they were going to go to the little store or the dollar store right there but they turned out to go north the same way we were going. So I was still behind him. I don’t think he knew who it was or that I was back there.

I looked at Sleeping Beauty and said I just want to call and report him, tell them to come check him out. He knows he has no license and his boss does and he is still out here in the work truck. He looked at me and said you can’t do that. That is just bad karma right there really bad. I said yeah but. He said think about it, would you want someone to do that to me? I said no but, he was like no you just can’t do that. It will come back to bit us. I said fine I won’t.

We turned and we got into different lanes we were coming up beside them. He said can I wave? I said I don’t care. As we came up on them he waved at them and we went on. Then we ended up by each other again he came up on us. He kind of looked over, he just looked at him and waved again they dropped back behind us then turned off.

Me and Bff went and had breakfast this morning and was talking. She was asking about us and things. She said he was so happy and relaxed last night and how much fun he was having with all the kids. How good he is with the kids and things. That he really cares about them wants to do things with them and be around them and things. He truly does.

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