{February 25, 2019}   Don’t Text Me Anymore

Before I got off work Saturday Sleeping Beauty messaged and asked if I could take him home. Of course I told him yes because I wanted to be able to really talk to him about what was going on and why I asked him to call me.

I got off a little late he told me to meet him at the lot he works at so I did. We went across the street to get gas and drinks. He started asking me about what was going on. I told him well you know how everyone bailed on me last week, I went to the concert by myself. This guy started talking to me and we been talking since. He said don’t you know that you don’t go to things like that to meet people? I should bend you over my knee and spank you.

I said I didn’t go to meet anyone I just went because I wanted to go and he started talking he seemed alright I talked to him. I said I wasn’t trying to get with him or anything just talking. We got our drinks and gas and headed to take him home.

We were going along and talking I told him the rest of what happen what I told him and everything. He to asked if he had been to my house I told him no. But that he knew where I worked and had been to my one job. That he had been to Applebee’s with us on Wednesday. We were talking.

He said if something happen or he bothered me he take care of it. He said I just have to find out who he is first where he is. I said I know who he is and right where he is. He said you do? I said yeah I told you we have been talking and he went with us. I picked him up and dropped him off. I showed him the picture that I had taken of him and I together the first night when we met and I dropped him off.

He said I know who he is! I just had this sinking feeling. He said well don’t know him but he has been around with friends when I was with them. I said oh no! Just felt this hopeless sinking feeling. He said what? Don’t worry about it, if he does anything or starts bothers you it will be taken care of. I still have people that will take care of it. They aren’t going to not take care of it if he is messing with you. He said your okay he isn’t going to bother you.

Yesterday me and the kids went to Bff’s house for dinner. I asked him if he wanted to come and he was going to look at the truck. I dropped the kids off at her house and then went to pick him up. We stopped at the store to get gas again and all of a sudden I got a text from Sailor boy. He asked how my teeth were feeling. I didn’t reply he asked if or how that stuff that he gave me was working and then sent ??? when I didn’t answer any of that. Sleeping Beauty said just tell him they are doing good or what and go on. So I did, I said it was working and they were better. later last night we were at Bff’s house and he messaged me again.

He said awesome

hoard for you to scream omg it’s so good with sore teeth.

I never answered then he said my cooking

what were you thinking. I still didn’t answer.

Sleeping beauty said you have to say something before it goes further he saying that kind of stuff. I said that is normal stuff for him. He said you need to tell him to just leave you alone. I said yeah but what do I say? I mean I know I need to tell him but I feel I needed to give him a reason or what. I don’t know. With no reason he is going to want to know why or keep on. I am a need a reason for whatever it is when it comes down to it. So I feel I should give someone a reason for whatever I say or do or tell them.

Sleeping Beauty took my phone and sent him a message. He said I am sorry but I with someone.

He just replied really now okay later.

Things got crossed I guess. Sleeping Beauty said now and later don’t text me no more. I’m sorry are you mad.

Why would I be mad I don’t do drama bye.

lose my number.

I haven’t heard from him since. I don’t know what he is thinking or if he is going to just go away. I told him I wasn’t seeing anyone. Everyone seems to think that he is going to show up Wednesday and it isn’t going to be good.

If he comes Wednesday and says anything to me I am going to tell him look you lied to me about your background. I looked you up and I can’t have you around me and my children. Just take it from there.

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