{March 5, 2019}   I Will Tell You When I See You

I still have no idea what Sleeping Beauty is talking about as far as being home with my kids at night.

Me and her had breakfast the next morning and they were talking. She forgot to pay the phone bill and the phone went off over night. She messaged him before we met up and told him and asked what he meant by that? Was there something she didn’t know or should know? He told her he would talk to her when he seen her. Who knows what that is going to be.

Today their friend who’s house we were at last Wednesday night stopped at her house. She said they were talking and she asked her what was up with me and Sleeping Beauty? He told her I was to clingy wanted to ask to many questions. That was all he said. I said so because I try to have a conversation I’m clingy, okay.

I know that’s from me wanting him to ride with me so we could talk. But if he felt that way he should of came and talk to me said hey this is the problem went from there. But he just runs.

He worries to much about what others think and not making others mad. Use to always fighting being called names and things. He keeps running nothing is going to change in his life.

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