{March 8, 2019}   Re: Child Support Lawyers, Oh My

A few weeks ago I told you about getting a notice in the mail saying me and my 8 year old had to go to court over child support. They had him listed as the one who owed and needed to come to court.

I spent around 2 hours on the phone trying to get it straight and never got a for sure answer it was taken care of. Just that it was right in their computers they would send the info on.

1. I did not want some bs showing up on him over it all because someone didn’t do their job right.

2. I did not want to go to court and him not show up because he didn’t get a notice with his name on it knowing full well it was mean for him.

I don’t know if he is going to show up or not. I truly wish I had never messed with it. I was just in a mood. I go back and forth on it. Some days it’s like yeah make him pay. Look how my kids are or going through or what. Then I snap back to reality with it is a waste of time. He isn’t going to pay it is just going to be more miss work and money to fight with him to get nothing. I am going to this date see how it all goes then decide from there what to do. I am going to ask if he can just sign up his rights and be done. If not decide where to go from there.

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