{March 11, 2019}   An Evening Full Of Questions

Me and the kids went with bff and her kids out to lunch this afternoon and then the pet store. When we left there she went to drop the baby she was watching off and I went to run home and walk dogs. I had some of her kids and she had some of mine.

I was about home and she called to say she was running back north of us where we had just come from to pick someone up. I was confused she said they were going to be coming through there soon and wanted to know if she would pick them up. It was sleeping Beauty. He told her earlier he was at the hospital. I guess they left early was headed home so he got them to stop closer this way and drop him at Wal Mart.

We made it back to her house before they did. They finally got there we all were sitting in the living room talking kids were in and out. Later after dinner it was late all the kids were in and out some sitting there with us. Boy did questions start flying before it was over.

Mr. 8 started asking Sleeping Beauty if he was Little Bitty’s dad. I don’t know how that went over because me and some of the kids were horse playing and I didn’t realise until later someone said something about it. While I was in the bathroom I heard him saying something about why he was always there on Sunday when we go over or if he was always going to be one. I couldn’t understand him. Others were asking if we were still going camping.

Bff left to take a kid home me and him a few of her girls and oldest were sitting there talking. One of hers looked at us and ask if we were together? I felt him lock on me before I could even turn their way or say anything. I turned to look and he just looking at me not answering locked on me. She said something again and I just said no. She said oh because I thought y’all were, your not? He still looking at me, i laughed and said no she went on about other stuff then.

I was talking to bff later after she dropped him off. I said what the hell was that all about? Why the hell was he looking at me like that? Why wasn’t he answering just wait for me to? I said I think I will ask him Wednesday. She said I would too that don’t make no since. I said I know.

She said he never said anything about what he said the other night he would tell her. She forgot to ask. I don’t know if that is true or she just not saying for whatever reason. But he probably didn’t with all that was said and things they were talking about all the kids and things.

It was a fun day, he help the kids put up tents to play in and things. They all had a good time.

He was telling us to night he has to move from his moms the park don’t want him there he isn’t on the lease. She says she thinks he is moving down the street from her at their friends house we were at the other night. His mom don’t want him to she is worried about her husband dying and being up there alone. Now her sister only has 4 weeks to live and his cancer is back. His has been back awhile they can not treat it. Said come back in 6 months if he is still a live. Its been that or close to it. I don’t know what she will do if something happens and he has moved. I know she drives and works still. But i don’t know her or much else about her. I think she is probably scared to be alone. It was her and her sister then she got remarried it was the 3 of them then sleeping beauty moved in it was 4. The sister just moved out a few months ago and now this. He will probably end up moving back with her if something happens to her husband.

Over all it was a fun day/night. The kids had a blast and the adults did too.

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