{March 19, 2019}   Cocaine, Whiskey and A Good Women

Sleeping Beauty never showed on Sunday for dinner or to fix Bff’s headlight like he was supposed to. He was supposed to do it Friday and didn’t show, then Saturday and didn’t show. He worked late and then had to work Saturday and was supposed to come after that but he had to work and worked later and got in a fight with the boss and all this. Sunday he told her he was trying to get a ride home all day he couldn’t get a ride. Then he said his mom was in the hospital. He finally got a ride about 6 and was about half way home. She asked if he was coming and if he was moving down the street like he was supposed to. He told her yes but he had to go home wash clothes, pack, clean get a shower and all this. Give him time, he was getting aggravated with her I could tell by the way he was answering. So then she told him we were going to Apple bee’s with the kids. He said he thought we were cooking at home. She told him we did we were going later the kids could sing and things. He said okay he wanted to go and to save him some dinner. Well about 8 she tried to get a hold of him see if she could head that way to pick him up because he needed a ride he didn’t answer. We left around 9 something I said he will message in a bit I bet you and want you to pick him up. She said maybe he didn’t have service. I said nope it is ringing he has service he is just not answering. I said he will say he was sleeping he fell a sleep. I said I wouldn’t go do it tell him he knew he didn’t get back with you. He just ignoring you right now. Because we already had this discussion about his phone and when he is in his room no service it don’t even ring. When he was sleeping and I was trying to call him it wouldn’t go through he said no it don’t do anything when he is in there. Then he gets his text later the ones that end up coming through.

Well she had to pick her kid up from work we were meeting over there. I had one of her kid she had one of mine. I got there and got a table and everything and she calls and says he called and is ready to be picked up he fell a sleep blah blah. Was it okay for her to take mine with her to get him. I told her yes. So they got there like an hour after we did. We stayed for about an hour and a half and left it was midnight then.

They got there and sat down Bff sat across from me and he sat at the chair they put at the end of the table all the kids were sitting down on the other side beside each other. We were all joking around and talking. Different songs would come on and we would sit there and be singing along or what. The song picture came on and I was singing along he started singing along to it. That line about filling up on cocaine and whiskey came up and he s stop singing and said something about the two of them together and and made this face. Like you do when someone says something about something you have done it wasn’t a good experience. I didn’t say anything I just looked at Bff but she was doing something with one of the kids or the waitress she didn’t catch it. I wanted to say something but I didn’t.

Then in a minute it says wish I had a good women to miss me. Sleeping Beauty says, I wish I had a good women to miss me. I started to say no you don’t you just want one that will use you and don’t care that is what your use to. A good women scares you and you runaway. One of the kids or Bff said something and I was trying to listen to them. I thought what the hell was you about to say, to myself? If they had not said something I would of said it and it probably would of started something. I wasn’t going to say it nasty or what just sarcastic in a joking around matter but he probably would of still gotten mad.

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