Thinking About Goals

I have been thinking about what new goals I want to set or need to set. What I need to figure out and get done in life. And I am coming up blank. I feel like I need to just live and see where things go in a way. But at the same time I feel that I need to be working toward something. A reason to be doing what I am doing I guess.

I have to know why how and have a reason for what I am doing or it seems pointless or not worth doing. Right now all I am doing is working. I know I am to pay bills but I know that I am going to be making more and that I can do so much more because I am. I need to figure it out and make a plan so that I am not just wasting money week after week. I know I need to and should save and I will to a point but I will spend more than I should because it is like oh well I have it and making more, I’m not saving or working toward anything so it’st just there may as well do this or that with it.

Even though I know I want to get a small truck and save to get another bigger truck for all of us I still just feel like, it’s weeks away it will be alright. I don’t want to feel that way. I need to get back in the mind set of saving and improving. But I can’t get there. Even though I want to and know what I want to do and that I need to save I am in one of those weird moods with money right now. It is like I haven’t had any to spend in so long I am going to just spend for now and when I need to I will start saving. But really I needed to start saving now. But I know I can hold off and wait on getting something small another week or two if I have to and that don’t help either. Tonight I have to make some kind of set of goals if nothing else but what trucks or how much I want to have to put toward a truck and how much I want to save to buy the 2nd one. I would like to spend as little of my tax money as I can. I would rather use my money from working and put my tax money up for savings in case something happens or we meed something.

I think I will work on that tonight when I am not busy at my other job. This day is dragging on here but I am down to the last 55 minutes or so. I hope tonight goes faster than today. It should I am only working 3.5 hours tonight. I won’t get to work my full hours until later when the other guy is gone and I am on my own probably. That sets things back a little bit too so I am just like oh well save later but I need to kick myself in the ass and get started now.

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  1. Carol Anne
    Mar 23, 2019 @ 05:35:17

    its good to have goals! I think you will save when you need to. The main thing is you have goals to work towards! xxx


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