{March 25, 2019}   Talked to Bff

I had an appointment this morning at 9 and got out of there just before 10. I made it to work just in time to open about 5 minutes early. I am normally here 10 to 15 minutes early. I just clock in whenever I get here and get ready.

Most the time I am talking to Bff when I get here and while I open and things, but this morning with getting out of there and having to get to work I didn’t call her. I figured she would call me and that she was just dropping him off at work. I had messages to listen to and phone calls to make. I take care of those as soon as I come in so that I don’t miss anything. Sometimes the guys will call in and leave me a message instead of calling or texting me to early in the mornings or the evenings. Just the other phone calls and all that we get. Then Pop’s came in and I talked to him and things.

In a little bit Bff messaged me said something about paying bills and things. About that time I knocked my drink over and spilled it. It had a lid but it still spilled and splashed all over. I cleaned that up and things and called her.

We started talking, I said something about yesterday and what was said and things. She said he got my phone and then he sent that and I told him no that isn’t right and don’t send stuff and took my phone back. She said I sat it down there and was shopping and you messaged again and he seen it and started to send you a message back. She said she told him no that was meant for her not him and that it was her phone not to be doing that to leave her phone alone. Said he said something about telling me something or messaging me back and pulled his phone out. She said but he walked off didn’t say anything else. She said he never told her what he said or anything like that. I read it to her and we were talking. I said yeah that was for you not that I care he seen it but there really isn’t anything he can say about it. She said no I told him that isn’t right. I said you know we talk and vent back and forth and things. No one was talking to him. I told her how he messaged me earlier that morning too. She didn’t know he had done that.

Then I asked her who said what about the drugs and things like that? How was I brought into it or what. I read her what he sent me when the other was said. She said no one. She said the kid that was staying with them before who asked the other day if he was clean when something was said about him going to hang out with him and Sleeping Beauty coming said something the other night. Sleeping Beauty was at her house and he stopped by and took her outside and was saying something to her about him and things. She said some how it came up later with Sleeping Beauty and she told him yeah a lot of people were telling her this and asking her this and things. She said but no names were ever brought up or what and it was left at that. I said well right there is the text he sent me about it. I said I really had not idea what he was talking about because I didn’t know if you said something about what we were talking about, if he talked to Mr. Auto he said something or someone from there or what. So I couldn’t really say anything to him about it until I figured out where he was coming from with it. I read her the text, I said right there he don’t say what are you talking about why are you talking shit saying this it isn’t true, I don’t do that or anything like that. Just about talking to people about his drug problem and it isn’t a problem. I said no one is going to say “it” isn’t a problem if they aren’t doing something like that. If your not doing something that could be a problem then you wouldn’t have to say it isn’t one. I said and the truck we past and he got all excited or what and was saying there is my uncle, that’s my uncle. I said that isn’t his uncle, that is his dealer. That is the one that was going to come kick my door in. I said that is the one that was at my house after that looking for him and trying to see if he was still at my house. I said not no uncle. They call him unc or something like that and he just calls him uncle. She said yeah he has a black brother and this and that and he knows a lot of people and things. She said everywhere we go he is talking to people and people are stopping him talking to him. I said yeah I know that is why.

I just called Bff and asked her again what that was all about and what was said. She says he called her outside and was talking to her and Sleeping Beauty asked her what that was all about. She said she told him everyone keeps asking if he is clean and things. She said she didn’t name any names and things but I don’t know.

Next time I see him he says something I tell him the truth everyone keeps coming to me and asking me as well.

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