{March 29, 2019}   Felt Like I Could Go Home

I wanted to eat something when I left work last night and headed home. I was going to stop a few places but they were all busy. I didn’t feel like waiting so I just kept going to the next as I made my way closer to home. I ended up past my house and kept going. I didn’t feel like going home either so I wasn’t in a hurry or anything. I ended up going north of me to where I lived with RC and the kids. Stopped up there to get something to eat.

I drove by the apartments that we lived in, I could seen our old place the light was on outside it was quite around there. It felt like I could just pull in there park and go home and everyone would be there and everyone would be happy and life would be normal.

It just felt so comforting it was a very weird feeling. I go by there all the time when I am up there and it seems hard to even believe we ever lived there before much less like going home.

I was telling Bff about it today and I almost cried. I don’t know why. She has asked me before if I would take him back if he ever came back around and wanted to get back together. But I couldn’t do that to much involved and to much at stake.

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