{March 31, 2019}   Just Hung Out

Last night I got off at 9:30 I messaged Mr. Responsable to see what he was doing. It took him a few to answer I had already hit 95 headed home. He said he was home to come by. I got off at the next exit and went over. He said he had a drink waiting for me. I was going to see if he wanted to ride with me to get something to eat, but when I got there, there was people over. The lady and her daughter who live by them and his roommates girlfriend. He hadn’t been off work and home long, he hadn’t gotten a shower and things yet.

They were sitting in the back by the fire talking and drinking. I walked back there with them.

He come over kiss me gave me a hug. He said dang girl you done lost more weight. What did you lose another 15 or so? I said 10 more but he is probably right more like 15 or 20 since i seen him last. Its been a while. I said 20 more I would be where I wanted to be. He said girl you don’t need to lose anymore at all. Your a good size right there. Don’t let no guy tell you you’re to big you need to lose more because they are full of shit. I said no I just want to feel good healthy. He said you’re going to lose your ass if you lose more. You can’t loose that. I laughed told him it didn’t matter what size I was I always have that. It never goes away. He said well that’s good but you are fine just like you are.

One of them went and brought me a drink, I took a few sips but it was gross. I sat it dow there I didn’t really want to drink anyway. Just wasn’t in the mood. He asked what tie I had to be home? I told him as far as anyone knew I got off between 10 and 12. He said oh you got some time. We talked about a little but of everything. I like the ones that were there. The guys never came back until way later.

Mr. Responsible said dang I get to hang out with all you girls on my own I like this was joking around.

He asked me about Sailor if I had heard from him anymore? I told him no. He asked how I got rid of him or what. I told him just said I was with someone and not to bother me. He said good he was glad he was leaving me alone. He said you took him to your house? Told him where you live?

I said no, no, no I don’t take anyone to my house or tell them where I live. Just the city. I said I don’t do that kind of thing. No one is coming to my house. He said you mean I couldn’t come to your house? I said yeah you could come to my house. I you know what I mean I don’t bring guys I don’t know to my house or random guys around.

He said good you better not be because I don’t bring no one here but you. I just laughed at him. I’m thinking where is this coming from Mr. I don’t care if you go out or talk to other guys or what. Do your own thing. I didn’t say anything still. I said a friend jumped on me said didn’t I know not to pick people up places like that? I said what am i supposed to do stick my head in a box not talk to people? He started talking I just talked that’s all. He said baby you didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing wrong to talking to people. You just can’t take them home.

Later me and him went up to the store he reach over picked my hand up was holding it. He said your hands are the tiniest hands I have ever seen. I said everyone says that all the time. He said now I don’t want to hear what everyone else says or tells you. I just shook my head.

We were at the house and we were talking about trucks. I was saying I seen some nice ones with the 7.3 at good prices. He said girl what do you need all that for? Your not hauling trailers, boats and things. I said I do trailers at times and cars and when I move I want to have horses and will have to move them. He said true but your not moving right now. I said I am getting things in order to move and a decent truck is a big part of that. He said yeah you’re right I see what you mean.

He walked over to me and said wait now just one thing when you get your property I get one little spot to keep a horse on. I said okay and when I get all set up and get them I am calling you to come up there and get everything set up and taken care of. Break them, train them or whatever oldest needs help with them doing. He said alright baby you know it I will be right there. He come up behind me put his arms around my neck and hug me. He said just give me a sleeping bag in the loft of the barn I will be set. I said you are coming to help you can stay in the house. He said he be alright in the barn. I said um hum I’m sure you will stay in the barn. He laughed.

Everything else he said he kept telling them we been hanging out and talking for a year. How he likes hanging out with me.

It was funny he was wanting me to go in with him, I told him it was to late I had to go. He was saying just for a few minutes and thing. I gave him a hug and kiss and walked over to where the girls were talking. He came over there said something. I said look I am down this way every night now I can come see you more often. You just have to stop being Mr. Responsible and stay up past your bed time once in awhile. He was holding my hand and trying to pull me to him I pulled away pushed his chest pushed him back. The girl from next store said dang she told you was laughing.

I walked out to the truck then walked back up to the carport for something. He had walked over there was talking to me. She said I told you walk out to her truck and talk to her. We don’t want to hear you or something.

We walked out to the truck he hallered at her said it don’t matter what I say or do its not going to get her to stay or get her out of her clothes. She done said no its done she says something you know where she stands where you stand. That’s why we been hanging so long we vibe she don’t play.

It was nice just hanging out relaxing and having a good time. I really relaxed because when I got home I went to bed and I slept good. I hadn’t slept good like that in a while.

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