{April 3, 2019}   Starting To See

So Bff is starting to see everything I said about Sleeping Beauty is true. He has been working “late” almost every night the last few weeks. Last night he told her at 10 something at night he was still working knowing she was waiting to pick him up. She told me when I got off he just told her he was still working. I told her then I bet you he isn’t. She waited until 12 something and messaged him again if he was off or what, to see about picking him up and he never responded. Not surprised at all. He probably passed out or just ignoring her thought it was funny.

We were talking about it last night and today. She said he has had an attitude lately and just being nasty or rude. I don’t know what you would say. Telling her what is wrong with her and how she does. Just like he would tell me and then tell her she is pushing everyone away when she said something about what his problem was and why was he pushing everyone away. Told her he wasn’t she was and the way she was or what she was doing.

She told me the other night that she woke him up and asked if so and so was his brother and he said yes. She told him he was in jail she seen where he got arrested. Then in a few days he told her that he gave his mom $200 to get his brother out of jail. I don’t know maybe he did but I find it hard to believe the way he talks about him and don’t want anything to do with him and his mom has money and works. I don’t see her asking him for $200 to get him out of jail. But okay maybe.

I told her he probably told her that so she wouldn’t ask him for money. That gave him and excuse for not having any since she knew he had gotten arrested. Like I told her he walked out owing me money, walked out owing his old roommate money and now will probably do it to her or making excuses to not give her money. She told him yesterday she wanted to talk to him then he didn’t come home. I said I bet it is a matter of time he is going to run down the street where he was supposed to move or have his mommy bring him run in pack his crap and go back up there. Because he don’t want to talk and now she is starting to question things or say things. I said he probably goes home just like when he left my house and told his mommy and them he gave me all his money and now I am throwing him out or fighting with him he needs to leave he has no money to give her. I said if she comes gets him from your house he will tell her he gave you all his money to stay there so he don’t have money to give her.

She said that she don’t know if he could go down the street or not because they started storing things in it because he hadn’t come down there. He said he hadn’t gone down there but once or twice because they hadn’t gotten everything out but it was enough he could stay in it. So who knows.

I said I wish I knew if and when he was leaving and if he was having him mommy come get him or bring him over there to get his stuff. She won’t come in she will wait in the car. Just like if you take him somewhere you don’t get out of the car you wait he goes in talks gets the paperwork or whatever and comes out. I said if that was the case she was coming or brought him and we knew it I would come there be sitting there when she came or they came up. When he came in to get his stuff me and you would go out and have a conversation with her.

I said we would go out and introduce ourselves. I said I would tell her look we just want you to know what is really going on and why he left my house and now why he is leaving here and the place where he was before my house and why he lost his job at the shop where we all worked. I am sure he is telling you like I have heard he has told all over town that I through him out, that I took all his money and all that. That is the forthest thing from the truth. I did nothing but try to help him, when he came to stay with me he wasn’t on his meds he was ready to go to the hospital he was so bad. He never was told he could even come to my house and stay. I told him if he wanted to he had to give me notice he just came over and never left. I let him stay and tried to help him. He did the same thing here he came here saying he was staying down the street then had an excuse why he couldn’t started staying didn’t leave. She let him stay trying to help him out but this is where they are now. This is why because his problem he has he thinks isn’t a problem. But it is he is using more and more and getting nasty and rude and walks around thinking everyone should just do or sit quitly and not speak just do for him. That isnt’ how it works. He says he wants to change he wants away from this he wants to hangout with people that are going to help keep him out of trouble, he wants the kids and the family, this and that. We have been here the last year and a half two years and he just goes in circles. Up and down up and down. We don’t hear from him for days, weeks, months then I get a text out of the blue saying he is done he is over life he wants to die he is going to do something to his self or whatever. I talk to him and there for him and then the next thing you know he is back into the shit you don’t hear from him again. So why he is telling you poor him everyone is picking on him or treating him this way or that a lot probably are but that isn’t the case here. We both have taken him bought him food gave him a place to stay helped him get to work and everything else. This is what he does. When you try to talk to him about it or what he shuts down and runs.

Then go from there. I don’t figure she is going to be so surprised and not really a lot she can do but she will at least know the truth of what is going on and what has happen the last few weeks since he left there and when he was at my house. Maybe just maybe she will talk to him and try to get him to get some help.

Like I told bff this morning he is on a slippery slop he keeps cycling like this and slides more and more into it each time. It isn’t going to be to long he is going to just keep sliding and not be able to turn around get out of it and he isn’t going to be functioning he is going to be full blown addict. She said something about it not being a problem. I said no it isn’t a problem for him in his eyes but it is because even though he is functioning he isn’t fully functioning. He has nothing to show for it, he don’t have money he don’t have anything. He is half functioning or partly functioning.

She says she knows he did work the other night late and how he came home smelling like he been working and things. Like I told her I am not saying he isn’t working late some nights but he isn’t working late every night and if he was working late why didn’t he say so last night the second time she messaged him instead of ignoring her. His phone isn’t dead because he got a hold of her this after noon. Wanting a ride and to know if he could get in at the house and things.

I told her even if he is working late some nights he is still doing more of it than he has been and he can do it and still work. She said he comes home goes to bed goes to sleep then gets up and in no time going to take a nap always tired. He jumped on her about the baby and that the baby needs to go home and things.

He needs to just get out of there and go down the street or back to his moms. He is going to cause her a lot of problems for nothing because it isn’t like he is going to stick around and help her and do the things he says. I want to say something to him but I’m not right now. She told him today he told her he hates his life or something about his life. She said as mad as you are at me or what you do have people that care and you need to stop. He told her he wasn’t mad at her that was about it. I don’t know, I told her we should just sit him down and talk to him tonight like we had planed to do before. Tonight is our night out so kids and things won’t be around. that is if he goes. I will be off early tonight I will be able to go tonight. I told her he will probably get up and walk away if she starts trying to talk to him. He probably will if we try tonight and will probably call someone to pick him up. Oh well he needs to stop. He needs to either decide this is it he wants help or he needs to just go way and leave everyone alone. Because everyone is over being treated like we are stupid and just there to do what he needs when he needs it. He needs to see that some people are truely not trying to use him or treat him like he says everyone does and that we do care and want to help but we can’t keep doing this with him and going in this circle. We care and we are here if he wants the help or needs the help but we can’t keep going down this rabbit hole with them and putting ourselves through it and the worrying.

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