{April 9, 2019}   Wow Post 2

The other night at work the guy who I was talking to about tires started talking to me.

He asked me so what’s your nitch?

Wasn’t sure what he was asking we had all been talking about different things. I asked what he meant or was talking about?

He says what job or jobs have you done you like best or doing?

I said oh Bail Bonds and Repo’s

He says oh so you done collections.

I said no repo’s.

Yeah you called people and did collections when they were behind on their car payments. Tried to collect payment.

No I did repo’s, I went out put the key in the car and drove it away because the collections people got no where with them and they didn’t pay.

Oh, oh, you actually went out and picked up the car or took it?


Looks at me funny and stumbles for words and shakes his head. Goes back to work. In a few minutes, you really liked doing that?


goes back to work

Sits at my desk and just laughs. Thinks wow really how do you get collections from rep’s when you been told not collections already.

Funny when you leave them speechless and your not even trying.

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