{April 10, 2019}   I Caved

So on my way to my night job I caved and messaged Special K. I messaged him he said hey whats up? We talked some. I told him to come out with us tonight he said he didn’t have money or gas right now. I said just come out we just get a drink and hang out. He said he knew it just wouldn’t feel right not that he didn’t want to go.

I got to work I told him it would be $10 at the most I had it not to worry about it. He pays all the time. I told him meet me there at 10:30 and that Bff and them would be there earlier if he wanted to go early. I haven’t heard back from him. But I am at work in a metal building and have no service. I will probably get a bunch of messages when I get in the truck. If I don’t hear from him I will message him before I leave.

I told bff we may not sit with them at first. I may sit and talk to him some first. Or wait until they leave and talk. I don’t really know it’s going to be late.

He hasn’t said anything about being with someone or what happen or what. I figure he will get around to it. I am just going to tell him the truth. It didn’t happen and I have been doing some thinking.

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