{April 21, 2019}   Where is The Toiletpaper Going Random thought #8

Is it just me or is 4 rolls of toilet paper a week between 5 people and 2 bathrooms just to much?

I bought 20 rolls on the 27th and we are down to 8 rolls. Two of them people are at school all day. I don’t get how we go through that much in a week.

Big question of the night, how many rolls of toilet paper do you use a week? How many people in the house? Does 4 rolls seem like a lot to you?

honestly? no. I go through 3 at least. And that’s just with one person me in my house. xxx

I guess it is about what we were going through normally. I bought the big pack so it would “last longer” and it worked out to be cheaper when broke down by the roll. I guess technically it does “last longer” because I am not having to buy it as often but they are still going through the same amount rather I buy 4 rolls at a time or 20 at time. It just cuts down on how often I have to buy it and keeps them from running out why I am at work. Still seems like a lot but probably just because I am the one who is buying it and trying to get on a budget and not waste.

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