{June 24, 2019}   40 Odd Things About Me

40 odd things about me . . . Please play along! I love reading them!

1. Do you like bleu cheese? No

2. Coke or Pepsi? Haven’t had any coke of any kind in a year

3. Do you own a gun? 2

4. What flavor of Koolaid? Orange

5. Hot dogs? No

6. Favorite TV show? Army Wives

7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

8. What do you drink in the morning? Coffee

9. Can you do a push-up? Probably one lol

10. Favorite Jewelry? necklace

11. Favorite hobby? Writing

12. Do you have ADD/ADHD? I don’t think so

13. Do you wear glasses? Yes

14.Favorite cartoon character? Spongebob squarepants

15. What three things have you done today? Wake up, Went to the store, came to work

16. Three drinks you drink all the time? Coffee, Water and sweet tea when I go out to eat

17. Current health worries. No

18. Do you believe in magic? No

19. Favorite place to be? Beach at night

20. How did you bring in the New Year? Can’t remember

21. Where would you like to visit? To many to name

22. Name four people that will play along: not sure

23. Favorite movies? Dirty Dancing

24. Favorite color? red and yellow

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No

26. Can you whistle? Not good

27. Where are you now? Work

28. Where would you rather be: on a beach

29. Favorite food: Spaghetti

30. Least favorite chore? Laundry/dishes

32. What’s in your pockets? Nothing

33. Last thing that made you laugh ? The kids

34. Favorite animal? Monkey’s

35. What’s your most recent injury? None

36. How many TV’s are in your house? One

37. Worst pain ever? Tooth

38. Do you like to dance? Yes but can’t

39. Are your parents still alive? My mom

40. Do you enjoy camping? Sometimes.

Feel free to join in if you like.

{June 21, 2019}   My New Ride

Yes I went and bought myself a toaster to replace the Beast sitting behind it. After getting stuck last Wednesday me and my good friend were finally able to meet up Friday so him and his brother could look my truck over and see where it was leaking. They both looked it over checked the hoses and everything they could and found no leak. They finally found where it is leaking from is somewhere around the in take back of the motor area. Maybe a freeze plug up in there. You would have to take it apart the same as if you were going to fix it just to figure out where it is leaking. It is to much of a job and cost way more than what I am willing to put into it at this point. It is leaking to much to keep driving. I made it to work and just left it. Saturday my aunt took us to look at cars I could not find anything for the money I had in my pocket and anything else I would consider and make payments on they wouldn’t let you make payments on them. I went home with nothing. I wanted to go see this one but being the holiday weekend they were out of town.

Monday came around I was going to take the bus to my day job and was trying to figure out how to get to my night job and how to go see this car because it is about 15 miles south of my night job. Then how to get home from my night job and start over Tuesday morning.

I seen my friend say online that she wasn’t doing anything if anyone needed services she needed to get her portfolieo for school put together. I messaged her and ask her if I paid her if she would take me to look at the car. So her and her boyfriend came and took me down to look at it. I had Pops watch the shop for me.

I told them on the way down that if it ran good I was leaving with the car because I really had no choice at the time but it was something that I was interested in and had already tried to go see. Wasn’t like I was jumping on the first thing I looked at or what it was in the running as an option depending on running and shape.

We got there and it was at a shop, it was pulled into a bay. Me and her got out and walked up and both said at the same time it isn’t a $2000 car. It is kind of ruff on the outside and needs cosmetic stuff. I went and found the guy who had it listed and we talked. He said he was adjusting a new part he had put on it and that he had been driving it to take care of things that day. My friend boyfriend works on cars. The guy told us to take it for a test drive. My friend said I will wait here you two go so she can drive it and you can see how it runs. The guy said oh I’m not worried about it you all take it go drive it and see what you think. So we took it and went. It is only a 4 cylinder but it has some pep and it goes nice. I liked it and it runs good. Me and her boyfriend were talking and he said offer him $1400 he will probably counter offer at $1800 tell him meet in the middle at $1500. I said okay, all the while I am thinking I just want to offer him $1000 but I don’t want to offer half of what he is asking and I don’t want to insult him. We got out and he come up, my friend walked away and her boyfriend stood off to the side.

The guy said something about the car and what did I think or what. I said would you take $1100? He said right away he couldn’t go that low. I said okay you said before we left price wasn’t set you were willing to come down or what. I said so what is the least you can take on it? He was like um hum, uh, then says I can do $1400. I wasn’t supposed to go lower than $1500 but I will do it at $1400. I said okay sold. The part he was adjusting broke. He came around and said if you just hold on for a few minutes the part broke I have them on their way with another brand new one to put in. It will only take me few minutes to get it in when they get here. I said okay. My friends left and I waited, they had to pick kids up. I went and asked him if he was sure it wouldn’t take long and that I would be able to drive it home because they were leaving me. He said yes.

He got it done and pulled it out, I was ready to pay and he said here let me get this writing off the windows for you. They had written on 3 or 4 of the windows, for sale and miles all that. I said oh thank you. We were talking he said they were getting the title and papers ready inside. He said I told my boss what I gave it to you for, he said I told him I thought you could really use it, need it. I had told him my truck was done and that I needed something to save on gas and things. I said thank you, I really could. I went and paid them filled out the title and everything. I went back out he went to take the tag off. He said did I have mine or what. I said no I had to go home get it and trade everything over. He said I am just going to leave that one on there it is all legal, trade everything over and mail it back to me. I am going to take it back to him tomorrow. I have to go down that way for some things. I was going to take it Wednesday but didn’t have time.

My mom hates my new car, she raised all kinds of hell when I got home. I can’t believe the way she acted and the things she said. How unsafe it is, how small it is, no room for all of us. She hoped it broke down soon how bad it is just on and on.

Then the other night she was showing me a truck she was looking at buying. Then she says you can drive it to work until you find something. I said why would I do that? She said so that you can stop driving that thing you bought the other night. I said I like my car, I am going to drive my car, I am not going to drive that or stop driving my car. I said there is nothing wrong with it. She didn’t like it but didn’t say anything else. She hasn’t said anything else about it since.

I have not 100% decided what I want to do with it. But like I told my friend and Bff when we were talking about it and other family. I spent $1400 on the car. If I drive it a few weeks, months or years. I can get my money back out of it and if I don’t I can get at least $1000 out of it. Even if I only drive it a few weeks and only get $1000 out of it I didn’t lose. I didn’t have to walk, ride a bus and ask for rides to get to my day job, I didn’t have to beg for rides to and from my night job or miss more days because of not having a ride, and I did not lose either of my job, I am not paying to get food and things we need delivered or to rent a car for how ever long it takes me to find something else. So even if I only got a $1000 and was out $400 look how much I saved in the end I don’t feel I lost $400 or out that money at all.

I had two people wanting to buy it before I even gave the man the money when I was buying it. My friends boyfriend wanted it and my good friend said if i decided to sell it he wanted first option at it as well. I am waiting to get my truck sold and get my tax money. That will give me money to find something else and then decide what I am going to do with it. If push came to shove and I found something didn’t have enough I could turn around and sell it to get the rest of the money on something I want.


{June 12, 2019}   Stuck…..Again

I spent over an hour on the side of the road broke down. I was an hour and a half late for work. I stopped and grab something to eat on the way and took a different route to work. It was raining with the truck the way it is I just didn’t want to be out on 95 in the rain in it. I started to go ahead since the rain let up but I still ended up taking a different way.

I was talking to Bff on the phone and eating my food o. Tje way to work, I stopped at a light and just happen to look down. My heat gage was at the top of the red. I just looked at it not even a mile before that it was normal. I hardly got to the side of the road and when I did there was a rail there. I couldn’t even open the doors on that side I had to get in and out in traffic and fill one jug up with the other in the truck. I think my floor got as much water as the radiator. After getting like two gallons out I was able to pick the big jug up and just fill it from there.

Great all set, I get back in close the jug and I’m on my way again. Nope just kidding that would of been to easy and great. Nope my battery is dead. Not a light, beep, or a turn over it is dead as it can be. By now I am ready to cry. I am so mad and frustrated. I open the hood back get the cables out and do you think even one person all this time has stop to try to help offer a ride to the little store or anything? Hell no, not one person. But they could sure drive by and honk.

Bff was on her way to meet her lawyer she couldn’t come help me. I sat there a while I finally called Special K and ask what he was doing and he came and got me going again. Why are we not together? Oh because I was stupid and said no and now don’t know what to say or how to approach it. Anyway…..

While I was stuck I messaged the guy at work instead of Bff and told him ding battery was dead and I was stuck on the side of the road and if anyone else honked at me that was going to be it. Then seen I sent it to the wrong person. He busted up laughing. As I pulled in and was shutting the truck pff he messaged and asked if I was going yet. I told him I was here. I walked in he said long day I just looked at him.

Then in a little bit he told me I was on my own here tonight. Said he has to go about 5 hours south to pick up a load and bring back. Not sure what all is going on there since I was so late. I didn’t ask.

But this is the kind of shit I am dealing with why he is over $700 behind again already. That is $700 more I could have to put towards a car and maybe have something ready. Why he drives around in a company truck no worries in the world.

{June 12, 2019}   Time For A Change

Who the hell do I call, write or visit to get some fucking changes with the way they handle these fucking deadbeat dads who don’t feel the need to pay child support? May 15 we went to court and he made the payment to catch up SOME of his back pay not even all of it. Then makes one full payment and not even half of another and has paid nothing since then. He is over $700 behind just since we went to court. Not counting the back pay he still has to take care of.

I messaged them the other day after getting part of a payment and they said we JUST went to court and we had to give him and/or his boss the time to get the payment in. This was three weeks after court one and a half payments down or behind. How much time does he need to make the payment and keep them going? The $2500 back pay did not come from his pocket at all. He got it from mommy probably I don’t know don’t care. Then that very Friday he misses a payment then makes one payment and the following week makes less than half a payment and again nothing last week. But he is walking around scott free nothing being done.

I called them today and asked them what was going on. She said they sent a paper telling his boss they need him to take money out every week or to know if he isn’t working there on the 11th and they are waiting to hear back. I said the 11th was before we went to court so nothing is being done since we have been and he is still basically not making payments? Well they have to be 90 days behind she tells me. I said he is already over $700 behind I thought it was a week or month? Well at the end of JUNE if he has not made a payment then they will take action and try to collect. I said so we will go back to court or what? Oh no you have already been to court. I said and he isn’t paying still so we need to go back or something. Well no it will depend there are other actions they can take. I asked what?

Suspend his license, I said already did that in February

suspend pursonal or state licenses I said he don’t have them

Go after his tax return, I said already doing that and he don’t file he works under the table

She like well we can only do so much. I said why can’t we just take him back to court and put him in jail or threaten him or what? Because that is the only way he is going to ever pay. Well at the end of the month we will send a letter to his employer to have them take it out again and to him to see why he isn’t paying and he will have so many days to comply and then those are the steps we go through. They may send it back to court in 90 days if he don’t comply.

Why don’t they take him the first payment he misses and send a letter telling him to pay it or show up in court? If he keeps missing payments and haven to have letters sent to him they should make him come in and he should have to pay so much in advance ahead that way if he misses then the kids are not going without why it takes them so long to get him in court.

I don’t know what the right answer is or the answer is at all but I know that something has to change and they have to do something and get these guys on the line and make them see that they are going to be in and out of court and or jail if they do not pay. I am sure they will say they don’t have the money to put them in there all the time or more than every 90 days or what. But you know what if they didn’t have 15 people sitting around doing nothing waiting on people to come in their office maybe they could. Or maybe if they had 12 of them people each take so many cases and make sure that the parties are paying or sending them letters and going to court they could. Because they have no less than 15 people sitting around in the office just waiting for people to walk in and I have been there an hour or so before closing and I have been there in the middle of the day and right at closing. All hours of the day and there has never been more than me and 3 other people in there at any given time.

I have to go this Friday for the DNA test and I am going to talk to them in office and see if I can get anywhere or any more help than what I am going. If not I am going to call the judge and if I get no where from there I am going to go to the court and file papers myself and get it in front of the judge or go to the court house and wait and tell them I need to talk to the judge.

I want to message him or call him and say look I am going to their office Friday morning if you don’t want me to sign the papers to have you picked up then you need to make sure you have a payment in tomorrow so they can get it to me by Monday. If it isn’t the full $719 I will sign anyway. Just see if that scares him into paying. I also feel like going and seeing his grandma and calling his parents and saying look I know that you all paid this for him why he told you all this time he has been paying it but that you are wasting your time because he is still not paying and this much behind here is the site here is the information if you don’t believe me. I am going down to do what I have to do to get him back in court and get it paid or him in jail. Even if he goes to jail and does anytime it is going to just be a circle because the money don’t go away and I will not sign for it to he is still going to have to pay and it is just going to keep adding up why he is in there. maybe they will get on his ass and make him pay. because the last thing they want is for one of their kids to be in jail. That looks bad on them. If he goes I am going to make sure everyone knows too.

But most of all I just want some things changed and them to do something about this before 90 days and for all these parents men and women to get the help they should be. Not stuglling to get by and doing without and their kids doing without because they are not doing anything. Because I can tell you if it comes down to going to jail or paying many, many, many of these guys would pay. And if they knew that after just one or two weeks of missing a payment they were going to be jerked back in there and have to pay anyway or go to jail they would. It would only take a few times of making them get there and paying a lump sum to get caught up or spending some time in the jail that they would make sure if they had to sell their ass on the corner they got their child support paid. But they know now they rack up all this they have to pay a little chunk then make no more payments for months or years and nothing is done until next time they pay a little chunk and walk off again. I think if we done this half or more would get their money in and their kids would be getting the money they need and not doing without.

I am going to spend the next few days figuring out who i need to call write and go see to get something done because this is not working. If someone don’t raise enough hell and let them get away with doing things the way they are then they are not going to change the way they go after these guys either.

Until then I am going to make his life hell as well because I now as of Monday have a lot of free time in the mornings I will be watching him and reporting him when he gets in the company truck and is driving, I will be letting his boss and family know like I said that he isn’t bothering to pay. I am so done and so over it all I don’t even care anymore, what anyone thinks or feels or says about it all.

{June 10, 2019}   My Letter Came

The letter from child support enforcement for the DNA test me and Little Bitty have to go take. I came home to it Friday. It is for the 20th of this month. But they told me as soon as I got it we could come in anytime between getting it and the date on the letter. Since the little ones are in Summer school last week and this week we are going this Friday since their last day is Thursday. Then it is just waiting for him to go to his local office and have his done. I hope he has went or goes soon and don’t wait until the last minute. It takes two or three weeks from the time of the last test. Then they will mail it to all of us.

Once we get the test back we should get a date to go in and figure everything out of a court date to do it. I think they will try to just sit down with each of us at our local offices and do the paperwork and start it as long as we both do everything we are supposed to or asked to. At this point the test is there all there is to figure out is how much ee each are responsible for. And they will go back two years to collect as well. But there really isn’t anything to fight or contest either.

The only thing we may run into problems with is the “parenting plan” as they call it. Because she don’t know him and he isn’t getting her for weeks or months at a time for now. I don’t know if he is going to push seeing her or that kind of thing. I am going to let him know she wants to know him and have a relationship and the ball is in his court if he wants to call her and come see her.

My thing now is how to explain everything to her? If he don’t want to see or talk to her how do I handle that with her. I need to get her back into therapy. It is going to be an eventful week/weekend after doing this test with her. Even more eventful next few months with all this going on.

{June 7, 2019}   Where Has This Year Gone

I had to stop and look for the date today for something I was doing. It is not anything that I do not do everyday but I had to really think about what month it was and when I had last talk to or responded to a client we are trying to set an account up for. It had been the end of March start of April when I talk to them last. I thought oh it has been a month. Then it hit me no we are half way into June just about.

I do not know where this last few months has went. As I write this and think about it, since I have started this job it seems as if I have lost a chunk of time. I think because get up go to work, leave go to job 2 and then go home and pretty much walk in and go to bed. Just to do it all over the next day and the next until the weekend gets here.

My day’s, week’s and months are just ran together. Even if you deal with the date everyday until you really stop and think about it you do not notice how much of it is gone.

et cetera
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