{June 12, 2019}   Stuck…..Again

I spent over an hour on the side of the road broke down. I was an hour and a half late for work. I stopped and grab something to eat on the way and took a different route to work. It was raining with the truck the way it is I just didn’t want to be out on 95 in the rain in it. I started to go ahead since the rain let up but I still ended up taking a different way.

I was talking to Bff on the phone and eating my food o. Tje way to work, I stopped at a light and just happen to look down. My heat gage was at the top of the red. I just looked at it not even a mile before that it was normal. I hardly got to the side of the road and when I did there was a rail there. I couldn’t even open the doors on that side I had to get in and out in traffic and fill one jug up with the other in the truck. I think my floor got as much water as the radiator. After getting like two gallons out I was able to pick the big jug up and just fill it from there.

Great all set, I get back in close the jug and I’m on my way again. Nope just kidding that would of been to easy and great. Nope my battery is dead. Not a light, beep, or a turn over it is dead as it can be. By now I am ready to cry. I am so mad and frustrated. I open the hood back get the cables out and do you think even one person all this time has stop to try to help offer a ride to the little store or anything? Hell no, not one person. But they could sure drive by and honk.

Bff was on her way to meet her lawyer she couldn’t come help me. I sat there a while I finally called Special K and ask what he was doing and he came and got me going again. Why are we not together? Oh because I was stupid and said no and now don’t know what to say or how to approach it. Anyway…..

While I was stuck I messaged the guy at work instead of Bff and told him ding battery was dead and I was stuck on the side of the road and if anyone else honked at me that was going to be it. Then seen I sent it to the wrong person. He busted up laughing. As I pulled in and was shutting the truck pff he messaged and asked if I was going yet. I told him I was here. I walked in he said long day I just looked at him.

Then in a little bit he told me I was on my own here tonight. Said he has to go about 5 hours south to pick up a load and bring back. Not sure what all is going on there since I was so late. I didn’t ask.

But this is the kind of shit I am dealing with why he is over $700 behind again already. That is $700 more I could have to put towards a car and maybe have something ready. Why he drives around in a company truck no worries in the world.

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