{June 21, 2019}   My New Ride

Yes I went and bought myself a toaster to replace the Beast sitting behind it. After getting stuck last Wednesday me and my good friend were finally able to meet up Friday so him and his brother could look my truck over and see where it was leaking. They both looked it over checked the hoses and everything they could and found no leak. They finally found where it is leaking from is somewhere around the in take back of the motor area. Maybe a freeze plug up in there. You would have to take it apart the same as if you were going to fix it just to figure out where it is leaking. It is to much of a job and cost way more than what I am willing to put into it at this point. It is leaking to much to keep driving. I made it to work and just left it. Saturday my aunt took us to look at cars I could not find anything for the money I had in my pocket and anything else I would consider and make payments on they wouldn’t let you make payments on them. I went home with nothing. I wanted to go see this one but being the holiday weekend they were out of town.

Monday came around I was going to take the bus to my day job and was trying to figure out how to get to my night job and how to go see this car because it is about 15 miles south of my night job. Then how to get home from my night job and start over Tuesday morning.

I seen my friend say online that she wasn’t doing anything if anyone needed services she needed to get her portfolieo for school put together. I messaged her and ask her if I paid her if she would take me to look at the car. So her and her boyfriend came and took me down to look at it. I had Pops watch the shop for me.

I told them on the way down that if it ran good I was leaving with the car because I really had no choice at the time but it was something that I was interested in and had already tried to go see. Wasn’t like I was jumping on the first thing I looked at or what it was in the running as an option depending on running and shape.

We got there and it was at a shop, it was pulled into a bay. Me and her got out and walked up and both said at the same time it isn’t a $2000 car. It is kind of ruff on the outside and needs cosmetic stuff. I went and found the guy who had it listed and we talked. He said he was adjusting a new part he had put on it and that he had been driving it to take care of things that day. My friend boyfriend works on cars. The guy told us to take it for a test drive. My friend said I will wait here you two go so she can drive it and you can see how it runs. The guy said oh I’m not worried about it you all take it go drive it and see what you think. So we took it and went. It is only a 4 cylinder but it has some pep and it goes nice. I liked it and it runs good. Me and her boyfriend were talking and he said offer him $1400 he will probably counter offer at $1800 tell him meet in the middle at $1500. I said okay, all the while I am thinking I just want to offer him $1000 but I don’t want to offer half of what he is asking and I don’t want to insult him. We got out and he come up, my friend walked away and her boyfriend stood off to the side.

The guy said something about the car and what did I think or what. I said would you take $1100? He said right away he couldn’t go that low. I said okay you said before we left price wasn’t set you were willing to come down or what. I said so what is the least you can take on it? He was like um hum, uh, then says I can do $1400. I wasn’t supposed to go lower than $1500 but I will do it at $1400. I said okay sold. The part he was adjusting broke. He came around and said if you just hold on for a few minutes the part broke I have them on their way with another brand new one to put in. It will only take me few minutes to get it in when they get here. I said okay. My friends left and I waited, they had to pick kids up. I went and asked him if he was sure it wouldn’t take long and that I would be able to drive it home because they were leaving me. He said yes.

He got it done and pulled it out, I was ready to pay and he said here let me get this writing off the windows for you. They had written on 3 or 4 of the windows, for sale and miles all that. I said oh thank you. We were talking he said they were getting the title and papers ready inside. He said I told my boss what I gave it to you for, he said I told him I thought you could really use it, need it. I had told him my truck was done and that I needed something to save on gas and things. I said thank you, I really could. I went and paid them filled out the title and everything. I went back out he went to take the tag off. He said did I have mine or what. I said no I had to go home get it and trade everything over. He said I am just going to leave that one on there it is all legal, trade everything over and mail it back to me. I am going to take it back to him tomorrow. I have to go down that way for some things. I was going to take it Wednesday but didn’t have time.

My mom hates my new car, she raised all kinds of hell when I got home. I can’t believe the way she acted and the things she said. How unsafe it is, how small it is, no room for all of us. She hoped it broke down soon how bad it is just on and on.

Then the other night she was showing me a truck she was looking at buying. Then she says you can drive it to work until you find something. I said why would I do that? She said so that you can stop driving that thing you bought the other night. I said I like my car, I am going to drive my car, I am not going to drive that or stop driving my car. I said there is nothing wrong with it. She didn’t like it but didn’t say anything else. She hasn’t said anything else about it since.

I have not 100% decided what I want to do with it. But like I told my friend and Bff when we were talking about it and other family. I spent $1400 on the car. If I drive it a few weeks, months or years. I can get my money back out of it and if I don’t I can get at least $1000 out of it. Even if I only drive it a few weeks and only get $1000 out of it I didn’t lose. I didn’t have to walk, ride a bus and ask for rides to get to my day job, I didn’t have to beg for rides to and from my night job or miss more days because of not having a ride, and I did not lose either of my job, I am not paying to get food and things we need delivered or to rent a car for how ever long it takes me to find something else. So even if I only got a $1000 and was out $400 look how much I saved in the end I don’t feel I lost $400 or out that money at all.

I had two people wanting to buy it before I even gave the man the money when I was buying it. My friends boyfriend wanted it and my good friend said if i decided to sell it he wanted first option at it as well. I am waiting to get my truck sold and get my tax money. That will give me money to find something else and then decide what I am going to do with it. If push came to shove and I found something didn’t have enough I could turn around and sell it to get the rest of the money on something I want.


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