{July 18, 2019}   Ripped Off

I don’t know what I am going to do, how I feel, how I should feel or what I am going to do. I have been in one of those don’t feel anything, something happen oh well moods. Then Saturday after the 4th of July I went and bought a car.

As you all know, well I think you do, I have been looking for a vehicle for months. I finally found one. Not what I wanted but something I would be okay with and like. It is a 2009 Explorer, with only 115,000 miles on it. It was about 50 or so miles from home. I went over to look at it thinking that I would be able to buy it and bring it home. I wasn’t. It needed an oil change and something else done to it and the guy that owns the lot, sells the cars was over an hour away. I had other things to get done and couldn’t do anything with it I left and told them I would come back the next day and look at it and decide from there. I had a few questions I wanted answered as well before i bought it. But it wan’t leaking anything, it looks good inside and out and it ran good. I did test drive it why I was there. You can’t even hear it run hardly.

My sister took me back over to get it and we test drove it and checked it out again. It seemed fine. I noticed it sounded like water leaking when you open the hood and I figured out it was coming from the radiator cap. He went and got a new one and it was fine after that. I figured a bad cap or wrong cap. Everything still seemed fine. The questions I had I got answers to before I went back and the guys all told me how much to try and get it for and everything. I talked to the guy got him down to what the guys all said to try and get it for and bought it.

I drove it home and left it, so I could go and pick my car up from my sisters. When I got home me and the girls went out and drove around for a while. We were trying to figure out what we were going to do for dinner because it was getting so late and just riding around in the new car. we decided to get pizza. We called ordered it drove around and then stopped to get it. I left it running why oldest ran in to get the pizza and then we left. I went to go the back way home. As soon as I turned the corner the truck didn’t want to go. I looked down and it was hot. I pulled into a parking lot and shut it off. Bff came with Sleeping Beauty and he took the cap off the radiator and we put 3 two liter bottles of water in it. The over flow was full. I tried and tried to call the guy I bought it from while I was stuck on the side of the road. He didn’t answer. I just cried sat there and cried before Bff and Sleeping beauty got there. Little bitty was rubbing my back and telling me it was okay I didn’t do anything wrong, I was trying to do the best I could for them and the guy was bad and he sold us a broken car.

I finally got the truck home and parked it in the driveway. He messaged me at like 5 in the morning and said he went to bed early blah blah whatever. I tried to call him again he didn’t answer, tried to message him nothing. Then he called or messaged me again another day and then again I couldn’t get him. I never finally got to talk to him until this past Saturday. Then he swears he had no idea blah blah he wouldn’t of sold it to me he wanted to get it over there and help me get it fixed. Did I have road side he had a friend he see what he would charge to pick it up and let me know how much he wanted me to pay. Yep that is right how much he wants me to pay to get it back to him. Help me get it fixed.

I had already had my friend pick it up and take it to his shop and check it out. He said it had the wrong coolant in it, the wrong cap and the head gasket had been glass sealed and it had let lose that is why it over heated. I thought it needed a thermostat and cap. It needed it alright, it wasn’t messing up and causing the problem well not all of it I guess. It didn’t have one because it was glass sealed  and you can’t do that and put one in it. So they had taken it out. I said it was taking a while before it got to a normal riding temp. One reason we thought it wasn’t working or only working sometimes.

I tell him all this when I talk to him he tells me he wants his guy to look at it. He isn’t open again until Monday he been out of town the week and just got back. He said he would call me by 1 Monday. This Monday that just passed. He didn’t call I didn’t get a hold of him. I messaged him didn’t hear from him. I called Tuesday he messaged said he was on the phone. Then messaged me again in a few and said his guys tow truck was in the shop he would get it back Wednesday and was going out of town he would pick the truck up probably today Thursday. Well here we are Thursday 12:30 and I haven’t heard from him. I got triple A and can send it back to him tomorrow.

I called a lawyer she said she would send him a letter to try to get him to fix it but it would cost me $300. She said there wasn’t much else I could do other than take him to court if he don’t. I have a 100% labor 50% parts he gave me but now I don’t have money to pay for 50% of a motor that it most likely needs or of a head job even and how do I know if he fixed it right and don’t just doctor it up like he did before he sold it to me? It isn’t like I drove it weeks and something happen, it isn’t like it just happen. They screwed with it, patched it up and sold it this way. I got like 80 miles on it and it did this. I had it a few hours that is it.

The last week being in that I know I should be pissed off and mad and saying more mood has made it really hard to deal with all this. Last night I have kind of started coming out of it. But I don’t know what to do or how to handle it really. I still feel like I have no fight in me, but that is nothing new. I have felt like this for a while now as you all know.

I wish there was someone that could argue with this guy and get him to fix this truck right and get it back to me. Its been a week since I bought this truck and haven’t gotten to drive it. I said something the other day to Pops here at work that even shocked me when I said it. I told him I wished Little Bitty’s dad was around or still here. This guy would of had my truck back last week and it would be back fixed or I would have my money back. I wouldn’t be sitting here like this. He don’t play he dealt with things like this before and knows what to do.

I can’t believe I am in this spot, I was there two days checking it out, talked to a bunch of the guys about things I had questions about everything. Looked for leaks, checked the oil to see if it looked like it had water in it, if it was burnt or been kept up, the oil looked clean. the water looked good. nothing leaking it was in really good shape. I looked and looked pasted up stuff I didn’t think was very good, stayed away from lots that I knew or worried would be rip off places, wait to find the best for the money I had, so that it would last me and the kids a while because I don’t have money to throw at repairs and things. I told the guy this when I bought it was worried about it and everything. That i use to sell cars and stopped because I didn’t want to rip people off and the last one I got stuck with I did nothing but drop money into and walk. He assured me this truck was great and would be good for us. There was nothing to worry about. I was worried, I would have been about any car because it was all the money I had. This is probably the biggest screw up I have made ever. Well besides getting married. That is a different ballgame. I have no idea what to do or how to fix this. Today coming out of that I just don’t feel anything mood I have been in the last week or two I now just want to cry. I want to just walk away from everything and give up. I feel like I am failing on such a level that I don’t even know how to fix it. I have had thoughts the last few days that I can’t believe I have had, I never thought I would think such a thing. I am sitting at work and don’t want to be here. I want to quit just walk away and from both and say fuck it all fuck life start just being like everyone else.

I posted the other day, may as well become lying, manipulating, two faced and shady like the rest. What do they say if what you’er doing isn’t working……….

That is just how I feel.

It sucks because again wonderful Florida don’t have lemon laws and about the only thing I have to stand on is my warranty that I don’t have the money to even help fix the truck. When I agreed to it I didn’t know it had been patched up to sell. I thought maybe a starter, aulanator, water pump or something like that. To be expected not a motor or head job and not something that was covered up and patched up. I need a lawyer that knows Florida law and that could help me out and make him pay for it.

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