{September 24, 2019}   Unbelievable–Netflix

I just finished watching this true show this morning. It was very interesting and kept you glued to the computer wanting to know what happen next. I finished all 8 episodes in two, two and a half days.

It is a real an eye opener in the way things are handled so differently from department to department. How being properly trained or caring and not being rushed to get to the next case or get one closed can make such a difference.

I truly think that the first cop in the beginning with the young girl was not caring, understanding or properly trained in dealing with these kinds of victims. I also feel that maybe when these kinds of crimes are reported they should send women cops out to talk to them, take the report and deal with the women directly to help them feel more comfortable talking and having to go through what happen.

It is about a girl who someone broke in her home and raped her, the push her into saying she made it up. Later to have the same guy rape a bunch of other women in different areas. Two detectives from different departments come together and figures out it is the same guy and go after him.

I am glad the girl in the end thought to get a lawyer and go after the city. I just wish she had held out and made it more known what she was doing and why and went after more than just the city. Maybe the detective himself.

dawnautom says:

Like in any perfeshon you have people that care and others that just want to punch the clock and go home.


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