{October 29, 2019}   At My Hiding Place

It has been a long time since I have been over here. I have just been so busy and if I am out early I haven’t felt like doing much I just go to work. Sit watch Netflix, talk to the guys if they are in early too or just bum around the office until time to get to work. It has been really hot and muggy as well so not very constable to come sit either. I think honestly that is a big reason I have not come. Lately I have been staying home and laying back down for that hour or so of free time unless I have things to do. As I said I have been extra tired lately.

But I like my hiding place, I don’t know what it is about it really as it isn’t anything special. Just past the woods to the north is a trailer park and shopping plaza to the south is an industreal area to the west apartments and houses and to the East across the street is the railroad tracks.

The tracks are across the little two lane road just behind some woods. You can hear the train well and see it depending on where you are at on the street. The houses and apartments you can see but they are a good distance away. You see I’m on a spot where they dug a bunch of pits for rock and when they were done they stop pumping the water and let them fill up into “ponds” and put paths and grass around them. The houses and things are past the ponds and the grassy field on the other said of that. I’m just sitting in the parking area on the other said of the pond and the grassy area. People come out here and walk or fish. Some come just to sit like me. Others come and let their dogs run. I wouldn’t bring mine but they have very well trained and behaved dogs so I can see why they do.

Like I said nothing special and I can’t even say it is a nice quiet place because it really isn’t. All the cars going by, the trains and the phones you here from the places around. But in it’s own way it is. You can sit look at the water and just block everything out. Or at least ignore it. It just becomes a white noise in the background. I think it is the fact there isn’t people around. There isn’t people walking around or close to you. You may see one or two come and go or they maybe off in one of the fields but they aren’t up close they are far enough away you don’t even notice or think about them being there. Unless you are watching them. I think its the being able to just sit unnoticed unbothered by others. Not having that human interaction and not having that hum and buzz and vibes from all the electronics lights and things that are in your house or the office. The disconnect of it all. Its like grounding your self.

As I said it has been a long time since I have been here or even just out on our weekly night out I have been in a funk I think this is why. I haven’t had the things I need. This time like this to myself and the adult interaction that isn’t co workers and time with people or to myself outside of work. I know not having those things effect me but they are effecting me differently than normal. Until I was sitting here writhing this it didn’t hit me. Just writing this its all so clear.

Its after 930 it is so easy to lose track of time sitting here as well. I even nap sometimes sitting out here. I feel like I could now but I have to get to work. Have to be there by 10 I like to be there 10 early but I dont know if I will today or not. But that’s okay. I needed this its been a long time coming.

dawnautom says:

There’s nothing like having a saren spot to get away from it all even if it’s all right next to you. 😀 🌹


it sounds like a cool place to be! Glad you have that! X

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