{October 29, 2019}   Has Anyone Heard From

This is one of if not the very first blog I started following when I started my blog years ago. Passive Aggressive Abuse it was a really big ah ha moment reading her blog and all the information she put on it about passive aggressive abuse. For once in my life I didn’t feel like I as crazy, over reacting or many of the other things that everyone said at the time when they found out me and ex were getting a divorce. I followed her blog and we interacted often on it. But she just disappeared a few years ago, haven’t seen anything from her. I often wonder about her and how she is and what happen once she moved out.

As you can see her last blog post was that she had done it she finally moved it was her first night in her new place. I wonder and worry if something bad happen between her and her husband if that is why she hasn’t been back. I know that some family knew of her blog and that at one time he had found it too. I don’t know if that is maybe why and if she did a new blog under a different name or what. If so I would love to follow or at least know an update as to what happen if she is alright. When one leaves they can be at so much more of a risk of the abuser getting worse and doing much worse things to them even death. I don’t know if I have asked on her before or not but it don’t hurt to reach out and try again.

So if anyone knows anythings please let me know.

The V Pub says:

It’s puzzling when people go missing. I had a friend who visited all of the time. Then, one day, she went missing. Not just on WP, but on Instagram and Facebook, too. Leaves me wondering if she’s ok.

dawnautom says:

Over the years I’ve had people do that then one day out of the blue they post something then gone again, some times life gets in the way and other times they gust don’t feel like they need the outlet any more but you never really know.


I’m kind of like that sometimes it will be months I am not on at all because life gets in the way. But it’s been 2 years and with her last post being about spending her first night in her own place and knowing the situation she was in makes me wonder if something happen. Seems she was the type who would of been excited to share how things were going her first night life on her own and things. I hope its just she dont need the outlet anymore.

dawnautom says:

I hope so too dear.


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