{November 15, 2019}   The Really You Season 1- Game 1

Over at the blog A Guy Called Bloke a new game started and I think it will be fun to play along the next few weeks. It is called you guessed it The Really You. 

so here are answers to the first round.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

This is hard because I do not eat a lot of sweets. Never really have had a favorite. But for some reason right now I want a big slice of warm apple pie. No idea why. Maybe it’s just that time of the year.

Okay I had to double back to this one, one sweet I can never get enough of is peanut butter fudge. As much as I do not care for sweets I look foward to it every year at Christmas and once in awhile will make a batch but that isn’t even once a year so maybe that is why. I do not have it to often.

If you want to really relax- What is your go to?

If I am just trying to relax, unwind after work or trying to shut my mind off right now I do my logic puzzles. Where it gives you a bunch of groups of different things and you have to figure out who ends up with what. Add things to and take things away until everyone has what they are supposed to. If not that something else that makes my brain focus on one thing.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Just getting away and having a few hours to myself to hang out with friends. Even if its just a quick breakfast before work or a drink after work. I feel bad not being with them even though they are in bed a sleep or at school.

There you have it my three.

dawnautom says:

Nice post dear 😀.

Aaa yes fuge of any kind is great. 😋 😀


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