{December 9, 2019}   The Really You–Season 1–Game 6

Go over and check out The Really You Game on A Guy Called Bloke’s Blog. He always has some fun and interesting things going on.

What relaxes you more – a hot shower or a hot bath?

I can’t get into taking a bath but I can stand in a hot shower until the hot water runs out. I take my showers last or first thing in the morning so that others don’t have to wait for the water to get hot so they can take theirs.

If you are looking for immediate satisfaction in the stimulation department, what is your go to? [Answer how you see fit]

Music most the time I can listen at work or in the car where I spend most my time. I can turn it up and just block everything out.

What exercise do you take on a fairly regular basis?

None really at the moment I really need to change that I know but I just don’t know where I am going to fit it in on top of everything else I have going on.

aguycalledbloke says:

Hey 🙂

I can totally relate to the shower and hot water running out … ha ha it’s a terrible vice of mine, considering me being a greenie lol!! I wear my hair short and Suze who has longer curly hair says to me – “WHY!??” Are you that thing for so long?”

It’s a real pleasure activity is a hot shower – not to be rushed, but to enjoy :0

Thanks again for taking part.

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