{December 20, 2019}   New Driver in The House

Monday oldest called me at my night job and said she had passed the written part of her driving test to get her permit. We were going to go the next morning to get it but it said it takes 24 hours to work it’s way through the system for her to be able to go in. We decided to go yesterday and decided to stay in bed it was cool and drab out and we hadn’t gotten much sleep.

So this morning we got up and I got the kids to school and headed off to the DMV. I told her our goal was to get there and be one of the first 5 in line and hopefully not more than 10 in line ahead of us and to get there before they opened. This DMV stuff is nothing to take lightly 😆. We have waited hours. I mean like 2+ before. That is why I get there right before they open or just before closing time. You get in and out pretty fast.

We got there about 5 minutes before they opened and ended up being 11th in line I think it was. I told her now they will call every number up to us and stop for hours before they called another. But they were calling peoples numbers before they could even walk from the line to a seat to sit. We got our and sat down. She had a form to fill out about the time she got her first name on the paper they were calling us back.

They guy took all her paperwork and did her vision test and picture. Then he goes that will be $55. I said what they told us it was free. He said no just the class and test. I said they told us if you took the class through the school and passed you just came did your picture and eye test and it was free. He said nope it is $55. She had to go get my money out of the car. He said I don’t know why they tell kids that we hear it all the time. They told me that growing up forever ago. So now I am out $55 I did not have to spend. But we had everything done at that point and I didn’t want to disappoint her. I am going to have to pay it now or later so I just paid it. I will have to find it somewhere.

Now she can drive as long as she has a licensed driver 21 or over in the front seat. She can’t drive at night for the first 3 months but after that she can. That is when I want her to drive the most and that is the hardest. For me. What’s three more months. But that messes things up as well because I normally take them to learn the basics at night at a closed store at night. Heck I was just thinking I could do that after work this evening and after dinner tomorrow. Guess not now. I only have them in the parking lot an hour or so then I get them out on the streets and going. I may still take her one evening to let her get comfrable and get the basics down. We have a longish trip to make tomorrow she could have driven if she jad the basics down.

She has a wait a year from today in order to get her Dl and be able to drive on her own.

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