{January 27, 2020}   Tooth Infection

I have not been around much the last week or two because I ended up causing my mouth to get extremely infected. I had a sore spot in the back of my mouth and I thought it was because I had a nerve exposed. I went and bought some of that temporary filling stuff and put where the problem was. I figured that if the nerve isn’t exposed it would stop hurting. I woke up the next day with one side of my mouth swelled up, hurting horribly and infected. I went to go to the doctor and they were not open. They were supposed to be open on Saturday but no one was there anywhere. I started to hold out until Monday but decided not to. I went to the er, to get something for infection. Once I was there they said something about the three day weekend. That is why the doctors weren’t open most likely and would be closed Monday too. Glade I went when I did.

The doctor came in and we figured out that I probably had an abscess and it was draining and I blocked it from draining. It was horrible. They gave me super strong medication and was really worried about it. Said if anything changed to come back take the medications every 4 hours. I did that for days and was so sick from them I stopped taking them. They swelling went down the pain was gone. But then in a couple days it started hurting again. Now it is a mess again and I am trying to get the infection out again.

This morning it was so bad I got a needle and lighter and tried popping the big spot in the roof of my mouth. It was tight and sore that I couldn’t even feel the needle touching it. I stuck it a few times but it didn’t work. I was just about to give up and then decided to give it one last try. All of a sudden I felt it let go and it felt so much better. I am taking the medication and washing my mouth out with mouthwash now to hopefully get the infection under control. I feel a lot better but feel a spot coming up on the outside of my gums in the back. I have never had my mouth this bad before. I can’t stand it. The acid flux has messed my teeth up so bad, I am so embarrassed. I just want to get them all pulled and get dentures but I don’t have the money right now. I would do anything to get this pain and swelling to go away at the moment.

It feels like the spot I made this morning isn’t draining anymore the one on the outside of my gums feels harder and sore. I am at work just tried to pop it again but it didn’t seem to work to well. All I am getting from the one inside my mouth is blood. Not much of that. The other is hard to see and get to I don’t think I did anything to it. The guy here at work asked if I was getting sick. I told him no I have this infection I am trying to get rid of and that I was trying to pop it. He said is it making throw up? I said no just trying to drain it get rid of it. Hope that it will get better soon or I may have to miss work go to get it checked again. I am not going anywhere until I run out of medication. Then I have to because I can’t keep this like it is. I have to get rid of the infection because it is really bad for the heart to have infection in your mouth.

This is the last thing I want to be dealing with right now with all that I have to worry about and get taken care of. I should of just taken the medication like they said but I took it an extra day after I felt better and figured I would be okay it was gone. Most the time I take a few big doses and then I am fine. I have the rest if I need it later. I guess even with this being stronger I can’t do it that way or the infection is stronger than I am use to dealing with. I think that is probably it the infection is worse than I am use to dealing with really that is kind of scary. I have even thought about picking this filling stuff I put in there out to try and get it to drain and go away but I am scared of the pain it may cause and if I can’t get rid of that pain. I think regardless I am going to go Saturday and see if they can send me to the dentist and see if they can get something done. Right now it is my back teeth bothering me so if they can pull them and get this to go away I will let them. I just don’t want my front ones pulled before I can do something about getting some.

But with that I have not been on much I have not felt like doing anything and had to work this whole time dealing with this. I wanted to write the other day and it took me days to get that one post written and posted. I would just about go back to the er if I knew they could do something for me but I know most they can’t because they need pulled. I have taken so much for pain the last couple weeks it is scary. More than I have in years I am sure. I know it isn’t good but I can’t function without it at this point the pain gets so bad just out of no where. I will be fine all day or all night, hours at a time and then all of a sudden it is so bad I am in tears. I hope that something gives soon. I am taking the medication around the clock until it is done no matter how sick it makes me.

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