{February 6, 2020}   Valentines Day,To Celebrate or Not and How

Me and JW were talking the other day and valentines day came up. I said I didn’t celebrate or hadn’t in a really long time and never really did then. He said this year you are. I said no we didn’t need to it was fine. He said something about what day it was on and we looked it is on a Friday. I work his later night and one of my when I get done I get off nights. He will be off by 8 he only works a hour later than normal Friday and Saturday. He said something about you’ll see or we will see. Nothing more was really said about it.

Me and Bff were talking and she said something about it and I told her what was said. She said no your celebrating this year now stop it. I said I don’t know. She said he wants to you need to or should. We could do something when I get off, if I get off by 9 but I never know. It isn’t like we are going to be getting all dressed up and all that, it is going to be late I am coming straight from work. We go to dinner or what all the time no different than any other time. Gifts what are we going to buy? We haven’t been together all that long to really get into buying anything personal or what.

I am sure I will see him after work and don’t know what to get or do. I don’t know what he will do, but I am sure he will do something. It is just how he is.

So what do you get someone you haven’t been with very long at all? I don’t even know what kind of things he really likes or what. I do but don’t since we haven’t been in touch for so long.


well, you should do something, you have a whole 8 days to figure out what he likes, but to be on a safe side, buy something random that any guy would like, not something personal. like a pair of cufflinks, or a clipper set. These are two of the easiest things to buy a guy you just met or haven’t known for long. and hey, please try to get off work early and dress nice, make an effort.

I know he’s a guy but chocolates you cant go wrong with some chocolate!

Jonathan says:

Surely spending time together is more valuable than any trinket.

I agree I am not big on gifts, they are nice at times. But really at times like this when we both have to work have other things going on they aren’t important. I am happy with just getting to stop after work see each other and calling it a day.

I am also not into the rushing out and buying gifts because it is some made up holiday and that is what you are supposed to do. I rather just give a gift or do things for people randomly just because. It seems to be more special that way too. I think everyone gets so wrapped up in oh it’s a holiday and expected things just because.

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