{April 6, 2020}   Ammo Boxes and Comforters

The kids have not been going out since all this lock down virus crap has been going on. I have been doing my weekly shopping on my own and J.W has been going with me. We were in Wal Mart and I was looking around for a gift for Little Bitty. Her birthday was Saturday. Can you believe she is 7 already? I know where has the time gone?

Anyway we went down the clearance aisle he was walking behind me pushing the cart. I spotted this neat looking wood box on the bottom shelve. Soon as I seen it I knew it was an ammo box. I bent down pulled it out and was looking at it and talking about how nice it was. He didn’t say anything, I turned around to see if he was still there or what he was doing. He was looking on the shelf behind me. We both turned around at the same time to show the other what we had found.

I turn around holding the ammo box and he turns around with the comforter. All I could do was laugh. We looked at what we each had and went on after we put them back. I couldn’t help but laugh. He said something about me laughing at him and the blanket. I said no honey I am not laughing at you and the blanket. I said I was just laughing because we both turn around to show the other what we found. He said yeah so?

I said your holding a comforter

I am holding an ammo box

I said that’s……. He started laughing and said yeah I guess that is a little backwards or normally the other way around. I said yeah. He said I didn’t think ammo box, I just thought it was a neat box to store things in. I said yeah I guess you could put whatever you want in it but it is an ammo box.

He don’t like guns at all, but knows that I have mine and is okay with that and understand they were my dads. He knows that I want to get my concealed carry so that I can carry it as well and understands and thinks it is a good idea with it being me and the kids and me working so late and things. I am not sure why he don’t like guns, we haven’t really talked about it. I think it has something to do with maybe his dad when they were kids. I know he wasn’t good to his mom.

I wish I had extra money I would of picked up a couple they were nice boxes to keep things in I would of gave the to the boys to put keepsake things in they wanted to put up and keep. I may have bought them any way if I had thought of it when I was there. I keep my ammo locked in the bottom of the gun cabinet in the box it came in. But I thought they were nice boxes. They looked like the one in the picture. I think there were a few different pictures on them other than the one. I may go back payday and pick up a couple I need to see what normal price is on them to see if it is worth it or not. I think the boys would like that. I want to get a jump on birthdays and Christmas this year. The way the year is starting it is probably a good idea.

Jonathan says:

It’s interesting – reading posts like this one – because it reminds me just how different our worlds are. I’ve never seen a handgun. Nobody I’ve ever known has owned one. I wouldn’t have realised a box was an “ammo box” in a million years.

Enteresting that you haven’t seen one. I have a handgun and a Rifle I think it is. I know the two apart of course but as for what they each are I do not know. I have been around guns but not messed with them much. I own the two I have because my dad left them to me. He had a lot of guns but most of those he had collected the last few years. With him living at my brothers I didn’t go inside so hadn’t seen them much until he got sick. I am use to the old green military boxes but knew what it was when i seen it. I seen one a while ago.

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