{August 29, 2020}   New Glasses….Again

A month or two ago I went and got new glasses once my eye insurance kicked in. Well they haven’t been working to well and I hate them. I can see to drive pretty good and do things like that. But when I am sitting at my computer I find myself squinting and getting closer to the screen. In the end I end up looking for my glasses only to find that I have them on. I kept meaning to call but with everything going on I would forget once I had time to call or they would be closed. The other day it happen and I just stopped everything went outside and called them. That was last Friday they finally called me Wednesday and had me come in the next day.

They looked at my new glasses my old ones and decided I needed to see the doctor again. I was supposed to of been able to see him that day but couldn’t. So he said he would see me today Saturday. Again they said he couldn’t do that either I don’t know. But I went back today and I guess my eyes are a mess.

I guess I shouldn’t say a mess because I know people with much worse and mine are fine compared but I feel a mess. He did a new exam and then took out these glasses type things he had there and had me put them on. Then he gave me stuff to read and changed the lenses in them a few times and had me read the paper again.

He said your 39 your eyes are 40 already. They change and you start to see different issues and things from your normal glasses. He said I fixed your astigmatism and so that you see far away. But now it is to much for your eyes when doing stuff up close. He said it might be time to start looking into a progressive lenses. He said it isn’t horrible and we could just back your script off a little. But you won’t see far away as clear. Or we could do progressive lenses, but he was worried I would have trouble getting use to them. He said most do but there are about 10% chance they won’t work. For me he felt it probably wasn’t the best way to go.

I ask him what about getting a 2nd pair? And he said that was an option he didn’t know how I felt about having two pair having to keep up with them or what. I said i need them for work and to drive. Sometimes I wear them more but not often. I said I would leave the one’s at work because it would be about the only time I needed them or when I needed them the most. The others I could leave in the car so I would always have them. He said talk to the ladies that handle the ordering of the glasses and figure out what would work best and we could do whatever I felt would work but he thought for now two pair was the best idea.

I knew my insurance gave me so much off a 2nd pair so I decided to see what it would be to go that way. I talk to the lady and she said it would be $50 to $100 depending what frames I decided to go with. My insurance gave me 40% off my 2nd pair if I picked glasses from this one area or I had to pay everything from the other area. Of course the ones I wanted were in the area insurance didn’t cover. But that was in my favor in the end. They cost me $50 for frames and lenses. The others started at $140 for frames then the price of lenses.

When I first sat down I said I have a odd question. She said what? I ask her what it would cost for me to make the glasses I have into my computer glasses and then just buy my 2nd pair? Because I hate the frames I picked out after I got them back and really started wearing them all the time. I don’t wear them as much as I should because I don’t like them. She looked and said I can do it so it don’t cost anything but the one pair of glasses you are going to already buy.

She put it in as a script change and as they were not working for me. That they needed to change it so I could work on the computer. Then I just paid for the 2nd pair and we made them my all the time ones. They said they allow for a one time script change so long after you get them. So that was how she was able to do it.

I was so happy. I could not see wearing the ones I had all the time for another year or two. Because I don’t wear them as much as I should or want to because I didn’t like them. But they will be alright for just sitting in front of the computer at work for hours. My other two pair from the last few times were red and one was purple. The ones i got the other week were a brown dark copper like color. I like them just not on me all the time. I got a blue pair this time. They didn’t have others my size I liked. They are all wire frames. I don’t like the plastic bulky ones. I hope I like them better.

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