{August 30, 2020}   Disappointing Trip to Kissimmee

I wanted to do something fun just me and JW and get away for the night/day this weekend before I go home. I looked up things to do around us and found a car show in Old Town/Kissimmee area. I wanted to go over last night when he got off and get a room get up go to the show and walk around. But we didn’t have anyone to stay with the dog and he gets off so late, we decided to just go to bed early and get up early to drive over. We figured we would be getting there about the time the cat show started.

I wanted to see what Old Town was like since I hadn’t been there before I took the kids. Then it said there was 2 or three flea markets right by there as well. I figured it would be a nice day out together. I know he likes to look at the old cars and I do too and I love to go to flea markets yard sales and thrift stores.

Let me tell you we got over there and it was about a half hour before the show started. When I finally found the place. It wasn’t where or what I thought at all. We pull in and there is no one around. No cars set up no one setting up and not even area it looked like anything like that would be going on. No other people around like they were coming to see them and no one around getting shops open or ready to open even. We drove all around and through the place and seen one person the whole time. KW got out went and ask when the show was and where. He told him the car shows were Friday and Saturday. He told them their site said a special one today and the guy said no he didn’t know what he was talking about.

I tried to pull it up on their site and it had been taken down. JW knows it was there as well because me and him both were looking at it and reading about it last night. They could of said this or that happen we aren’t doing it or what. We left I was disappointed I plan this for him now they are not having it. We decided to go to the flea markets. They had 3 right close there. The first one no one was around it was still closed even though it said open at 10. It looked like a store for tourist not a flea market so we left.

I go down the street we stop at this other one it was a big in door place but more like a flea market. One lady doing hair was set up and open. Everything else was blocked off and closed. The office was right there the door was open. I said what time is everything open. He said oh we open at 10 but venders and the booth people start trickling in between 1030 and 11 sometimes later just whenever. We decided to try the other building we seen a few people around. The door to it was locked and we left. We found another one a mile or so up the road and stopped. There was a handful of places open but still way more closes than open. It was closer to 11 at this point. We left stopped went to the bathroom got a drink and headed home. It was so bad we stopped all those places drove the trip there and back in 3 hours. 120 mile drive.

We were going to go to Daytona it was an hour from where we were. But that was taking the major roads and tolls and all that. I was not in the mood for all that. We decided to head home then figure out from there.

We ended up just coming home and going to lunch. His aunt called wanted to know if he wanted to come for dinner tonight so we are going over there. We finished lunch and went to do laundry. Now we are back at the house. Dropping everything off getting ready to go over there.

I’m still not happy about our day out getting messed up.

I would be disappointed too. Did you at least have a good time just you and him?

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