{September 1, 2020}   Covid Encounters Pt. 7

Yesterday was a Monday for sure. JW messaged me and said his brother was back in the hospital. I said back? What? I did not know he had been. He said yes he was in there a week ago for really bad pain in his head or headache. He I guess ended up back in there Sunday Night or Monday morning some time.

His brother and his wife are the ones who tested positive a month ago. They did their 14 days at home and all that and back to work and things. But I am wondering if it isn’t all linked because it is all right together. I do not know if he had to get a negative test before going back to work or not. Maybe he still has it. Or it might just be something else. I went through it with oldest boy back in 2017 three days of his head killing him and him in tears. 2 trips to the er brain scans and everything. Because they just happen out of the blue. He been fine since. They are testing his brother for flu and covid. That is the last I have heard so far.

Then about 2 I think it was he messaged and said his dad was in the hospital because of covid he tested positive for it. They are in two different hospitals in two different states. They don’t live near each other. He said his dad they were keeping to watch because of his health issues.

His uncle was in yet another state in a different hospital getting stints put in his heart. They finally said he did good should be able to go home today. So that was good.

Poor JW has been so stressed out since all this started. He is the most stressed about his brother. He is closer to him than the rest of them. They said earlier he was up walking around feeling some better. He hasn’t heard anymore.

I am worried they don’t know what this is but already talking about wanting to rush into doing a brain operation and taking out part of a vain. If he don’t test positive for covid or flu. I have never heard of such a thing. The more I think about it I am starting to think they found something they want to go in and do something about. But they need to make sure he don’t have anything that could complicate things.

JW has talked about how his wife is and keeps tabs on his brother and control things. She is the only one who has talked to anyone. No one has talked to his brother. Like I told JW he may think she is telling them stuff and she isn’t. Or they may not be telling anyone until it is done. But either way is wrong when you are talking about them going in doing something to the brain. He could not come out of it, he could come out with long term affects. Not know who people are, take care of himself, know what is going on or anything. You don’t know what could happen you don’t know what part of the brain they are going to mess with. If they mess up cause something or anything could happen.

I hope everything is alright and nothing happens to him and there is nothing major wrong. If there is or something happens to him JW is going to be devastated. Something happens to him or his mom I don’t know if he would ever get over it. The three of them are really close like me and my 4 kids.



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