{September 7, 2020}   Blogging Insights # 21 Optimum Posting Times and Days

I got this from over at Therapy Bits.

1. How frequently do you post on your blog? 

Not as often as I would like between work, kids and over all life. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day sometimes weeks go by.

2.Do you believe there are optimum posting times and days?

I have noticed if things are posted by 10 a.m they seem to get more views.

3.Do you like to schedule your posts in advance ?

If I am doing daily challenges or something like that so that I don’t fall behind.

4.How many posts and how far ahead do you usually schedule? 

If I am doing a challenge I try to do a week at a time. While I am doing them if I see easy ones to answer or do ahead of time I will skip around and do them too.

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