{December 25, 2020}   Merry Christmas

I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas this year.

We just did our gifts about an hour ago. The kids are happy with their gifts and are in there playing. Wasn’t what I wanted but I am glad they are happy. JW was supposed to stay the night and have Christmas with us before going to his family’s. But she started her shit again I don’t want him deal with it.

I went over to his house last night to finish wrapping the kids things. We got something to eat before we got started. I hung out with him for a while. We got something to eat before we started wrapping. Then we jumped in and got it done. We finished around 11.

With it being so late I knew he was going to his family’s early afternoon wouldn’t get back until this evening. I wasn’t sure if or when we would get to see each other. So I went ahead and gave him his gifts to open.

He was surprised I got him a new backpack. He really liked the one I picked out. I showed him the other and he said he liked that one. He liked it has a lot of pockets to keep things in. The night before I went to the store and I found a Christmas ornament with his dog on it. I picked it up. When I got home that night after shopping I found some robes I bought awhile ago and had put up. I took one of them out for him.

They are new with tags, I got them when they were on sale and put up for gifts later. I forgot about them. I figured he may like one. He liked all of his gifts. I think he was shocked really. He kept saying he couldn’t believe I got him a new backpack. He said something about it and I said I know have you looked at the price of them lately? You can’t find anything nice or decent for less than like $200.

He got this look and said what and you better of not of paid $200 for that for me. I didn’t tell him how much it was. He just keep saying you better of not spent $200 on that. I just said I found one I liked at a price I was okay with. He said it again a few more times as I was getting ready and leaving. I just laughed at him and went home.

I am glad I gave him his stuff late-night we didn’t get to see each other today. Things didn’t go as planned here. He didn’t get home until much later than normal.

I have been so tired today. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I think it being so cold out has a big part of why. I am always sleepy when it is cold or raining. It was in the mid 40’s last night. It is going to be in the 30’s tonight. Mid 50’s for high today and tomorrow. I could just sleep until Monday not care.

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