{February 4, 2023}   Trying To Decide

I have been gone for about two years and feel like I am finally able to start writing again. I am trying to decide if I should keep this blog or start a whole new one. I figured I would test the waters here and see how many of my followers are still here and how many views I am still getting. I won’t be back in full force right away. As I am using my phone right now. I haven’t been on my computer in about as long as I have been on here. I am locked out of it. I have to get it out this weekend and try to get into it. And make a place I can set it up. That will take a little longer as I have to move 5 out of the 6 “bedrooms” moved so I can get my office space set up.

My goal is to write at least one to two times a week. More if I can. I want to really focus on quality and what all I want to do with it or where I want to go over all. For right now I will work on getting you all as caught up on everything that has went on the last two years. And boy is there a lot to catch you up on. We will work through the good, the bad, the ugly and maybe some funny. But one thing is for sure, there will be some shocking.

I have missed writing so much. It’s very therapeutic for me. It let’s me get all my thoughts and feeling out in a safe space. It’s nice to get every one’s feedback as well. The mine things that kept me away was having no internet for a long time and then getting so extremely sick. No nothing to do with COVID. Luckily that missed our house even with being “essential” and working the whole time. I hope you all came out well too.

I am going to go for now I hope to be back again in the next few days. I look forward to seeing comments and likes from old friends and new ones as too. I am just going to leave you with a little bit of a teaser.


I had been wondering about you. I missed your posts. Welcome back! X

Thank you. I have wondered about you and so many of my other followers. So glad to see you are still here.

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