{February 28, 2023}   Update 28 January 2023 Part 2/ V is for vasectomy

I guess around July/September of last year JW decided he would go get a vesectomy. So after we came back from our trip in September he made an appointment. They seen him in October for a check up then told him they would call him with a date.

They finally called in November and set him up for January 20th. So we played the waiting game.

Why he was waiting he was supposed to get information from his mom. Because when he was about 3 or 4 something was wrong with one of his testicles and they had to remove it. Luckily all the test came back fine but I guess there was no way of knowing without taking it. Not sure of the reasoning behind it all.

But when he went for his check up they told him they were not sure if they took the testicle and the tube out or just the testicle. They couldn’t find the tube if they left it. They told him if they were not able to see it when they went in there or find it there was a chance the vasectomy wouldn’t work because that tube wouldn’t get done. For some reason I guess it could get down under other things they may not see it think it was gone.

Again I am not sure I wasn’t there and you know how guys are with relaying information. I kept asking him if he had asked his mom about it he kept saying now.

When she was hear I asked him when we were all in the van going somewhere if he had talked to her about it. He said no. She was asking what he said nothing.

She went home and he still hadn’t asked her. I said something one more time about it and left it alone. The night before he was to go I messaged her and asked her if he had asked her anything about his operation from when he was a kid?

She said no, why? Is something wrong? Is he okay? I told her he was fine thing wrong. But that he was going to get this done the next day and what they were saying. That he has had since October to ask her. She said she wasn’t sure it had been so long ago she didn’t remember them saying. But that they did say they didn’t know if he would have kids or not. By that I figured they had probably taken everything out.

We talked a little more she was happy he was going to do it. She said she been trying to get him to do it for 20 years. She said of he knew we were talking about this he would have a fit. I said I know but he needs to know won’t ask. She told me to let her know when he was done and that everything went ok. I said I would.

The next day I went with him and waited while he had it done. He was back there for a long time. I was starting to get a little worried. He finally came out after 2 hours or more. He said it only took a couple minutes to do it. The rest of the time he was waiting to have it done.

They only do them Friday and then they scheduled as many as they can back to back. They go from one to the other they are all there in their room or waiting area prepared they come in and do it. Then you are pretty much free to go in just a few minutes.

He came out he said they told him the other tube had been removed so there shouldn’t be any issues. He said they cut, burnt and clipped the one that was there. In two months he has to take a sample to the hospital and drop it off to be tested. As long as that comes back okay we will have the all clear.

It will be so nice not having to stress about accidentally getting pregnant again. I am so glad he agreed to go get it taken care of. I have been through so much this last pregnancy and have seen so many horrible stories of issues after wards. My sister was very messed up when they tied her tubes. I wasn’t going to do it. To much of a risk of them “nicking” other things why they are doing it. I figured I am 42 now I should be going through menopause soon I hope. With in the next 2 to 3 years. I know it’s later most the time but most I know did by 45/ 46. I don’t know.

His recovery was good he went to work Sunday and worked a full shift. He said he was a little sore but not to bad. He had a few times he just laid around for the day when he was off or got home but not much.i think it took about 2.5 weeks before he wasn’t having some kind of pain. But he didn’t use ice or anything and didn’t rest as much as he should of. It’s been over a month and he is fine.

Now to get the other part done in March and wait for results.

Since I was left with nothing to do that 2 hours he was back there I went online and found some things and posted them on his Facebook page for him.

There isn’t good service there so it took awhile to go through. We stopped at the store and headed home for him to rest. We were about halfway home and I guess he got good service again and his phone started going off. I had forgotten all about it.

In a minute he goes really? You really think you’re funny don’t you? Think you got jokes. I looked at him so confused was like what? I also did not know he had checked his phone so I really was confused. He goes the stuff you put up on my page. I busted out laughing.

He was like that isn’t funny. I said you left me alone all that time with nothing else to do. He said next time you are going back with me if I have to go to the doctor. I said you forgot they don’t let anyone go back with you and laughed. He said then I’m taking your phone with me and then he laughed. He wasn’t really mad just joking around. Little does be know what I found for when he gets the all clear in a few months haha.


glad he’s recovering well from the op!
Hopefully he’ll get the all clear at the next checkup!

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